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Telco’s Get a Helping Hand from Tom Tom

I installed Tom Tom Navigator 5 on my Treo 650 over the weekend. It’s not quite as easy as they make it sound on the box - I finally confirmed that I live where I thought I lived at 1am this morning (having started the process at 11pm on Sunday night).

However once it’s set up, it works like a dream and has a really simple interface - Tom Tom have done a great job with the software. One thing I really liked was that they have pre-loaded loads of useful contact numbers for Petrol Stations, Restaurants, Hotels, Airports, Parking and other things. This means, for example, that if you want to call a local restaurant the GPS system will give you telephone numbers based on their proximity to you and it is a simple click to be connected. I suspect that if you are travelling to someone who is in your contact list, you can also click to call them (and tell them, for example, you are running late). I haven’t yet discovered this feature but I am sure its there.

What a great example of providing connectivity for people in a contextually relevant way. This is just the sort of thing the Telco’s should be doing. After all, it is they, not Tom Tom, that benefits from this feature through increased Voice and Messaging revenues. I am convinced there is a great opportunity for Operators to push harder at working with software developers to ensure that Telco network services are integrated with software applications so that it is really EASY for users to spend money on Telco products.

Anyone got any good examples or ideas?

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