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Telco 2.0 Brainstorm - Speakers Update

Delighted to hear from BT that they are making either their CEO of Retail or CEO of Wholesale available to speak at the brainstorm.

In addition, we also have Rainer Deutschland, VP Strategy Development at Deutsche Telekom; Ken Ducatel, Cabinet Member at the European Commission (part of Vivien Reding’s team); and John Watlington from France Telecom, who’s been working with the MIT Comms Futures Prog on the Broadband Incentive problem (ie. problems of making money out of providing b’band when usage skyrockets, as per Korean example).

On the subject of Korea, we’re delighted to have 3G expert Tomi Ahonen as ‘analyst-in-residence’ at the Broadband Connectivity breakout on Day Two of the event. He’s in the middle of a book called ‘Digital Korea’. He’ll be helping the brainstormers work out what those in the West can learn from what’s going on there.

We’ll be interviewing and briefing these gentlemen along with all the other stimulus speakers over the next month, and will make some posts in advance of the event.

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