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Deutsche Telekom 2010 initiative - make sense?

Coverage here of Deutsche Telekom’s re-structure. In it is says:

“The telco also introduced its Telekom 2010 initiative - which it describes as a 7-point programme aimed at securing market share in Germany, targeting sustainable revenue growth in European markets, and ensuring T-Mobile USA becomes the Group’s largest business unit in the consumer area. Deutsche Telekom is currently bidding for (and is likely to win) additional mobile spectrum in the US.

As well as the specific regional and country focus, the three-year plan also calls for Deutsche Telekom to achieve a top three market position across all European business customer segments. It also calls for the company to concentrate on the main fields of innovation in the industry, including IPTV, mobile Internet and ICT services. “

We’ll be hearing from DTAG’s VP of Strategy Development at the Telco 2.0 Brainstorm on 4-5 Oct. A few questions we”ll be probing him (plus Gordon Smillie, his BT co-panellist, and I’m hoping to confirm a senior corporate France Telecom panellist as well) :

- Is there really a growth business in IPTV (as currently conceived). Speaking with those who’ve spent most time testing this (FastWeb in Italy is a good example - Signor Petazzi will be covering this in his presentation later in the day), we don’t see it. However, there are some interesting developments in P2P TV and more creative models of content distribution which we’ll be hearing about in the Content Workstream on Day Two.

- Is there really a growth business in ‘Retail’ at all in mature markets? (heresy!)

- How does the value chain need to be supported in a very different way to make ‘Mobile Internet’ economically sustainable? (Again, we’ll be probing this in a lot more detail on Day Two in the Broadband Connectivity session where we look at the current economics and what needs to change.)

- ‘Top 3 market position across all European market segments’? Top 3 versus who? Other telcos? Versus Internet players? Versus Systems Integrators? Who are the players in your markets in 2010 that you’ll measure yourself against?!

- How ‘Telco 2.0-compliant’ is this strategy?

Of course, the participants at the Brainstorm can put forward their own comments and questions via the event’s Mindshare process. In the meantime, we’re helping the panellists prepare for these questions in advance, so that we can create some constructive industry next steps from the debate…

If anyone would like to suggest some ‘probing questions’ in advance, please let us know in comments box below.

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