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Telco 2.0 Brainstorm - Next Steps and Feedback

We’ve just sent out details of next steps to the participants from the big brainstorm last week. We’ve been delighted by the initial feedback (see below), and also the flood of ideas of how to develop the concept for next time (we’re aiming for 27-29 March, London).

Delighted also about the multiple orders coming through from around the world for the Telco 2.0 Market Study (the core background to all of this).

The chart below shows our initial thinking on the follow up event in March - slightly bigger, highly interactive of course, more tangible examples of Telco 2.0 activities, and more focused on end-user requirements rather than telcos’ internal issues and/or technology per se. You can see the focus on 4 big market areas - 1.) ‘Digital Youth’ (the 14-30 demographic - music, entertainment, social networking), 2.) ‘Digital Home’ (inc. IPTV, short signal solutions, home hub, etc), 3.) ‘Digital Town’ (FTTH/Wimax/wifi/OPLANs: broadband-based models enabling new approaches to community health, goverment, and education), 4.) Digital Enterprise (solutions for the worker). In each of these areas we will look at telco business models, Voice & Messaging 2.0, Content, Access, and the implications (for telcos) on network design, IT and devices.

We’ll be consulting with the industry over the next few weeks, do let us know your thoughts.


EVENT FEEDBACK (thank you):

It was an exceptional event.

COO, Major Operator

A fabulous event. It is extremely rare that I bother to write to an event organiser, but, in this case, your staff and organization skills have left such a positive memory I wanted to compliment you all.
CEO, Service Provider

This was the highest quality event of its kind I have ever attended.
Vice Chairman, Major Advertising Agency

Refreshingly different from the run of the mill events by the major conference producers.
Director, Major Vendor

Congratulations on a great event - truly different. I met some amazing people.
Chief Telecoms Analyst, Investment Bank

Very stimulating after all those “get-me-out-of-here-fast” conferences.
CTO, Major Operator

The [‘Mindshare’] approach created much better interactive discussions than other conferences I have been to. Also, due to the pre-screening, the speakers were all of a higher standard than most other conferences.
Director, Major Operator.

The interactive nature [‘Mindshare’] was excellent… more intimate than the larger shows, as a result there was an opportunity to have a real conversation with the audience.
Vice President, Major Media Company

The idea of the interactivity with the ‘Mindshare’ technology is fantastic - people have no barriers to asking questions or giving comments.
Marketing Director, Major Vendor

A smart group of relevant people … and much more interactive than any event I’ve attended before.
Senior Vice President, Major Service Provider

The balance of presentation duration (avoiding death by ppt) and the use and quality of the [STL] analysts was excellent.
Director, Major Vendor

A real thought-stimulator and eye-opener that widened my perspective.
Network Architect, Major Operator

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