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Telco 2.0 Survey: Corporate Strategies

The number of respondents to the survey continues to tick up - 240 of you have have done it so far.

A couple of questions relate to strategies for the Telco 2.0 world. We share a couple of charts outlining 4 corporate strategies together with the key success factors for each. We then ask participants to choose one operator and select which strategy they are currently pursuing and which would be the optimal strategy going forward.

It is quite revealing to see which companies have been chosen by the 180 people that have answered these questions (see chart below). Many participants have opted for the big guns - like Verizon, Telefonica and Vodafone and the Telco 2.0 market leaders like BT. Surprisingly few have selected Deutsche Telecom and T-Mobile - where are the Germans?

The following (big) companies, amongst others, also seem to be under-represented:

  • O2; Telecom Italia; SFR; 3; AT&T; Cingular; Sprint; Bell Canada; Rogers; Telenor; KPN; All Asia-Pacific operators

I am not sure the reason for the small number of responses on these players:

  1. Perception that they are Telco 2.0 laggards? Seems unlikely with 3 and Rogers in the mix
  2. Skewed location of Telco 2.0 readership? Certainly this is true with the Asia-Pacific players but I am less convinced about the lack of response for the European and North American players in the list above
  3. Language issues - can’t understand the survey? Possibly, but unlikely to account for the German companies weak representaion

Whatever the reasons - would be great to get input on some of the names above and participants get the results…


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Interesting to see that Orange and FT are mentioned separately.

Verizon at 22 of 180 respondents making it the intermediate number 1, but at roghly 13% vote. I gather from this diagram that the verdict on which corporate strategy is still out.

Y'all ain't gonna get a whole buncha responses on Cingular and them's others if you stick with usin' that high fallutin queen'z english and all that.

As always, my employer and I ain't always in the same boat on opinions and all that.

Interesting comment Russ but I doubt my linguistic proclivities are the reason for the lack of US input.

Far more likely, surely, is a concern that what comes out may be as embarrassing as some of those 'Borat' moments! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs9zz_zCWlo

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