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Telco 2.0 Survey Update

We seemed to have stirred up a hornet’s nest since we launched the Telco 2.0 survey last thursday. There are some very strong views out there and one or two of you have got rather irate. Hopefully, the ramblings below will calm you down.

  1. 142 of you have completed the survey in the first 4 days (thanks) - although a handful have only put their contact details in and not actually answered the questions. We can’t be fooled that easily - you reap what you sow - summary results only to those that complete the survey.
  2. Most of you have written at length in the optional questions explaining your thinking. Here are some of the most amusing quotes to date (serious ones to follow later):
    • On reasons for response to statements about industry change: “I read telepocalypse since the first post in 2003 and my thinking has been influenced like cocaine and my answers are based on what i grasped from there.”
    • On the single biggest sign of change in the industry: “When my tech illiterate mum and dad call me on a voip phone with their new broadband connection (maybe 1 or 2 years away)” and “Sorry, no time to complete, I hope I have contributed with previous questions.”
    • On response to James Enck’s point 10 of his ‘10 things I hate about Telcos’ (Maybe the entire foundation is wrong. Broadband connectivity is not a product from which individual companies should prosper. As something which develops local self-determination and social interaction, it should be driven by local communities.): “Since when was selling a universally needed product on a local monopoly basis a bad business? Boring but not bad.” and “#10……are you HIGH??????? Letting communities try and integrate telecom?????? “
    • On reason why CONFIDENT that Telcos could achieve sustainable growth in a Telco 2.0 world: “They surely can’t all get it wrong.”
    • On reason why UNCONFIDENT that Telcos could achieve sustainable growth in a Telco 2.0 world: “Zero evidence that they’ve even noticed the underlying changes.”
  3. We are not out to “knock” operators, as one or two of you think. In fact, we believe that many operators have done a superb job over the last 3-5 years in creating value. We just believe the world is changing and that the business models that worked in the past will be less successful going forward. Rather like dispassionate investors, we are focused on future prospects, not on past achievements. Unlike investors, we seek to work WITH players in the value chain to improve their prospects. Hopefully we have shown with this blog, our events and our consulting work that we seek to build not tear things down.
  4. We are not asking for you to like us but easy on the abuse. If, as one or two of you think, we don’t know what we’re talking about then an easy way to avoid us is not to read our blog and complete our survey.
  5. The winner of the most arrogant remark goes, unsurprisingly, to a fellow management consultant (who had better remain nameless). When asked in an optional question for the reasons for his responses to James Enck’s “10 things investors hate about Telcos” he says “No. people pay me money to explain why most analysts don’t really understand what is going on, except to whinge that telcos are dumb.”. Interesting that he is talking about an analyst who is one of the top stock-pickers in the world, has forecasted several industry events (included BSkyB getting into broadbad) and recognised by many within the industry as a leading thinker!


SURVEY LINK: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=792902827806

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For every negative abuser there is twenty people who really appreciate the (sometimes provocative and scary) insights that you generously share. Keep up your great work!

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