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Second Life, Telco Pipes and Net Neutrality

A very useful piece here by James Enck from his talk at the Cambridge-MIT Symposium on Net Neutrality on Monday. This takes us back to the ‘Broadband Incentive Problem’ which we discussed at the October Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm with MIT representatives and described here.

We’ll be running an open debate on this topic (“Who pays for the Pipe?”) on the first day of the Telco 2.0 event in March in which we’re delighted to have Hossein Moiin, Group VP at T-Mobile International participating on one side. We’ll no doubt ask Malcolm Matson from OPLAN Foundation to make an alternative case. The aim is, with audience participation via our Mindshare process, to create some concrete industry proposals for solving the ‘incentive problem’.

James alludes to ‘Second Life’, a virtual world for adults (not an ‘adult’ virtual world, although I suppose there might be popular parts which become this) which, along with other bandwidth hungry services, will put increasing pressure on broadband business models.

Our friend Alan Patrick has been investigating this and other virtual media from a business model and advertising point of view. Some of his initial thoughts following an event last week are here. Alan will be ‘analyst-in-residence’ at the March Industry Brainstorm, in the Digital Home stream.

He’s gathering together a group of the most disruptive ‘disruptors’ (in TV, Blogging, VOIP) to stimulate the debate and to counterbalance the input from Matteo Gatta (Group Strategy Director at Belgacom), Pearce Connolly (VP of Football at Telenor), Jacques Recourdon (VP Marketing Vision, Orange Group) and Stuart Collingwood (VP Europe, SlingMedia), and others soon to be announced.

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