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IMS - Getting NGN Architecture Aligned with the Commercial Future

Below is an update on the Technology Insiders track at the up coming Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm. It includes a list of the latest expert speakers.

Back in December we outlined our thoughts (here) on the imperatives around IMS and SDP in the context of NGN architectures. This was on the back of our IMS Services brainstorm in October and worries that IMS was still being over-hyped by certain vendors (expressed here).

Since then, we’ve been analysing the NGMN (Next Gen Mobile Networks) initiative (described here) - speaking closely with their leaders - and looking at how this links to the ‘commercial context’ for operators, as expressed at 3GSM (here) and as part of our new ‘Telco 2.0 Business Model Map’ which we’ll be unveiling on this blog next week, and debating in-depth at the Industry Brainstorm end of March.

An introduction to the Technology Insiders track is here and to the interactive format (for those new to it) here.

But, in terms of speakers I’m delighted to annouce the following experts who will be stimulating the brainstorm. The session is very focused, looking at practical opportunities to more tightly align technical strategy with new ‘telco 2.0’ commercial realities and trends :

* Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL Partners - He’ll present analysis of NGMN and Telco 2.0 Business Model Map and results of new research into ‘Voice & Messaging 2.0’ run with the GSM Assocation.

* Dan Applequist, Senior Technology Strategist, Vodafone Group Services - The most effective ways of translating ‘mobile web 2.0’ concepts to technical strategies.

* Thomas Welzel, Head of Product Design & Provisioning, Next Generation Enablers, T-Mobile International - How to generate value from ‘integrated messaging’. Lessons from recent IM service launch. New business models for operators and impact on technology strategy.

* Rory McKenna, Director Web 21C, BT Group - Opening the APIs: Lessons from BT’s ground-breaking project to offer its core IP based services to the worldwide development communities across .Net, Java, PHP and Python technologies.

* Shane O’Flynn, VP Managed Services, Openet - New ways to leverage telcos’ payment and identity assets (latest analysis from GSMA charging programme).

* Aude Pichelin, Head of Multimedia Services Standardisation - Latest developments in leveraging Federated Identity to deliver consistent customer experience across different networks, service platforms and services.

* Tilo Heckmann - Head of Technical Architecture & Strategy, O2 (Germany) - Developing a more flexible Service Platform, incorporating the best parts of IMS.

* Thomas Magadanz, Head of 3G Beyond Division, Fraunhofer Institute Fokus - How best to trial new IP-based services.

* Colin Pons, Senior Architect, Innovation Management, KPN - Will be acting as ‘Analyst-in-Residence’ at the session, helping to guide the debate towards new, practical improvement opportunities.

We will be confirming 3 more senior speakers to add to our list of ‘expert witnesses’ in the next few days. To register for the workshop, go here.

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Looks like a great line up of speakers and subject matter.

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