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Telco 2.0 Report Exec Summary: Telcos’ Role in Advertising Value Chain

Things are really getting busy ahead of our event now but I am delighted to have got one thing off my plate: the Telco 2.0 Strategy Report: Telcos’ Role in the Advertising Value Chain is complete!

I sent it off to 3 clients that had pre-ordered copies on Friday and was delighted to get a couple of positive responses this morning from them. One said it was “exactly the level and depth we hoped for” and that it would “inspire us in our work building up an advertising platform”. It certainly doesn’t lack depth - 150 pages of powerpoint.

The report’s key differentiator: it is strategic and explores WHAT needs to be done by operators and other value chain players to grow the advertising opportunity into a sizeable market (as well as cotaining lots of analysis, market sizing, case studies etc.).

We wil explore the actions that will drive success in more detail at the advertising workshop on the 29th March but, in the meantime, delegates and non-delegates alike might find the executive summary of the report useful.

If you can’t read it easily on here then click on the logo bottom right and it will take you to the slideshow where you can view it full screen.

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