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Telco 2.0 October 2007 Event - Agenda

Here is a preview of the agenda for the next Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm, 16-18 October 2007, in London (near Tower Bridge). I’m delighted to announce that since the last event in March we’ve deepened our research and education partnership with the GSM Association and created a new partnership with the Broadband Stakeholder Group (an important UK policy support group with strong relationships with the European Commission and leading players in the European broadband value chain).

This chart shows the event agenda at a high level, and below it are some more details of the focus and format. The event site will be up soon (the March 2007 event site is here for those new to Telco 2.0).
Telco2BrainstormOct07AgendaSummaryFinal.png We’ve spent a lot of time processing the tremendous amount of feedback from participants at the last event. We think the October event will a.) push forward the debate in the key areas of the Telco-Media-Technology sector, and b.) help participants take home more practical ideas to improve what they’re currently doing. In summary, people told us this:

What You Liked

- The continued focus on the cutting-edge issues.
- The interactive format (‘Mindshare’).
- The openness in discussion.
- The careful preparation, briefing and facilitated process.

What You Want Improved

- More discussion time in groups to process the many ideas generated in the brainstorming.
- (Even) more effort in vetting and briefing the stimulus presenters in advance.
- More coverage from outside Europe.
- More coverage from outside telco.
- (Even) more effort in helping vendors avoid embarrassing themselves with inappropriate messages.
- A number of smaller requests (eg. free wifi available, etc).

What Topics You Want Covered in October

- Business Models (How to make money in new growth areas - mobile internet, advertising, TV, voice & messaging 2.0, alternative distribution systems)
- Inter-industry convergence
- Time-To-Market for Telco 2.0 propositions: How to collapse?
- ‘Innovation’ processes (more broadly)
- Enabling ‘Platform Strategies’ (partnerships, developer communities, MVNOs, leveraging telco tech assets)
- End-user experience/needs/value
- A number of specific technology issues.

What We’re Doing about This

We’ve taken on board all these comments and are working hard to address them. In particular, we are:

- Attracting a larger number of participants and speakers from other industries (Media, Retail, Consumer Electronics).
- Inviting more cutting-edge, disruptive players to stimuate the brainstorming: Joost, Akamai, Amazon, Babelgum, Tesco, Iliad.
- Creating a special ‘Innovation’ exhibition of the most disruptive new companies in comms and media. Bringing them together with VCs as well as operator representatives (more on this to come…).
- Focusing on stimulus presenters who will make an effort to prepare new material for the event (and who are strong at presenting it. We rated all the previous speakers: did they fulfill the brief, did they prepare something new, did they present in an engaging way? See here).
- Conducting new research into new practices from around the world.
- Conducting new research into trends in end-user spending patterns.
- Focusing the brainstorming in the End-User Summits (Digital Youth, Digital Home, Digital Town) around a set of new, pre-prepared end-user value propositions and, the practicalities of implement them.

As a result, the title of the event is ‘New Business Models for Telecoms & Media’. You’ll see from the slide above that it covers the big strategic issues (attracting Investment, The Broadband Incentive Problem, Portfolio Development, Change Management) as well new areas where we’ve recently completed major research exercises (Mobile and Online Advertising, and Comms Product Innovation) and End User Markets.

It’s a natural progression from the last two Telco 2.0 event, as hopefully you can see here:
Telco2BrainstormOct07.png Finally, a quick thought: since last October we’ve collected a whole database of nice quotes about the event series (how refreshingly different and relevant it is, etc), but I was taken by this one from a VP at a major European Telco who came to Telco 2.0 for the first time this March. It sums up what we’re trying to do, I think:

“When I got there I was unsure of the mix of people. Would it be mostly stiff telco execs who are blind to the innovation needed and shackled to the old business model (career guys) or would it be a seditious lot of frustrated disrupters, jumping up and down and crying wolf once again to the career guys. But it was neither. I actually met a group of smart people who are genuinely concerned and very interested in the future of a fantastic industry.”

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