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Best of Telco 2.0 blog — One year on

Today’s our first blogiversary, so we thought we’d celebrate by pulling out a few of our gems from the last twelve months that you might have missed.

Business models

We’re proud of our consulting client work on designing new business models, but for obvious reasons you don’t get to read about that on the blog. Still, we’ve tried to share a bit about our methodology, such as defining a process for business model design, and examples of how to go about business model innovation.

We’ve also done some hypothetical case studies: designing a “blue ocean strategy” for an operator to serve the urban poor, and building a Telco 2.0 compliant MVNO.

We also look at some more theoretical concerns, such as how networks of compatibility arise.

Communications over content

We made an early foray into the opportunities for telcos to develop smarter personal communications services rather than being obsessed over media content sales. Continuing on this theme we’ve talked about how the telephony experience can be improved, as well as rethinking the phone book, and the prospect of the personalised telephony experience.

On the business side, rather than the product and user experience, we’ve covered the real sources of value in SMS, our voice and messaging survey results, and future business model for telephony


Our Telco 2.0 market study on the role of the network operator in advertising is a wealth of unique information on a hot growth area, but you’ll get a lot of the key ideas by reading our blog posts. You might want to start with an introduction to the key issues. We’ve published summaries of our first and second advertising workshops at the last two Telco 2.0 events, as well as extracts from the executive summary of the report.

Delving into more detail, you can avoid doing any real work for the rest of today by learning about:

Platforms and partners

Telcos desperately need to open up their services to partners and allow in a little fresh innovation. Taking a business perspective first, we jointly reviewed with Keith McMahon the weaknesses of the Internet businesses, as well as the nature of adjacent businesses enabled by platform, pipe and identity assets.

If you build a platform, remember to address commercial needs as well as technical application integration. Finally, a strong strategy is nothing without good execution and a great user experience.

Marketing and pricing

When we’re not designing new business model and products our attention veers towards the sale of what’s already on the truck. So in that light, we’ve pondered what do telco brands really stand for, how to price for abundance rather that scarcity, and how you might rethink Friends and Family pricing plans.

Business model map

On of the highlights of our past year was the publication of our map of how valuable bits might be moved between users in different ways in the future. You might like to start with this overview before going into more depth with parts one, two, three and four of the essay that describes what we now call the Data Transport Systems Map. We’ll be doing more research on this over the summer — follow the overview link for details.


Being telecom, we can’t ignore the networks themselves and network technology, so why not burden your browser with a few more tabs and windows:

Industry comment

Finally, we’ve picked on a few well-known names to write about, with a retrospective of 3GSM, Microsoft’s telecom products, and BT’s Telco 2.0 strategy.

If you’d like to meet the Telco 2.0 team in person, why not come to our next Executive Brainstorm in London on 16-18 October?

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Great Job you are doing.
As a senior R&D expert for an incumbent Telco I find your blog and ideas extremely usefull and I rate it very highly !
Please go on !

Happy Birthday Guys!
and may more :-)

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