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New Online Survey on ‘Future Broadband Business Models’ - now live!

If you’re a strategist in the Telecom-Media-Technology sector please help us predict the future by taking part in the latest Telco 2.0 online global survey on Future Broadband Business Models, HERE.

You’ll need to put aside 20-30 minutes and be prepared for some challenging and thought-provoking questions. In return for your considered input you’ll get a free summary of the results.

The survey closes on 17th September. The results will be publicly launched at the Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm in London on 17th October.

More background and details

Our Telco 2.0 hypotheses on future business models have grabbed the attention of many people in the TMT sector over the last 6 months or so. We’ve been running workshops and events with all kinds of players around the world to work out what it could mean in practice and what needs to be done to prepare.

Now it’s time to test these hypotheses more thoroughly, using the theory of the ‘wisdom of crowds’ — i.e. a mass online survey of practitioners from around the world.

It directly addresses the $1.6 trillion question: Where’s the money in fixed and mobile broadband in the future?

The survey will help identify how money might flow across broadband value chains in 5 and 10 years’ time, and how this might differ by region, and by fixed and mobile networks. We are looking to provide greater clarity about:

  • How the fixed and mobile broadband industry could be structured in the future?
  • What services will consumers value (and pay for) most?
  • What will service providers and their partners/suppliers need to do to deliver and extract value from users?

In the survey we use the term ‘Broadband Service Providers’ (BSPs), by which we mean: any fixed or mobile operator offering high speed packet data services, including Internet access.

The survey mainly comprises multiple choice questions, with some optional open text boxes. You can leave your browser open and come back to it throughout the day if you wish.

There are eight short sections:

  • Introduction & Hypothesis
  • Your Areas of Expertise
  • Prospects for existing ‘Broadband Service Provider’ business model
  • Future of Voice
  • Future of Video
  • Future distribution models
  • Future business models
  • Winners and losers

The survey is supported by the GSMA, Broadband Stakeholder Group, Alcatel-Lucent, TelecomTV, and BT who are promoting this survey to their contacts in parallel to our direct efforts. A big thank you to them.

You can start the survey from here.

Background to the survey

Here’s a summary of the in-going hypothesis for those new to Telco 2.0:

Offering just voice, messaging, content, video entertainment and Internet access is not enough for sustainable growth in an IP-based world. In future there will be a wide range of new business and payment models which will assemble devices, applications, content and connectivity in new technical and economic ways. The wholesale markets will evolve greatly to support this.

Just as many distribution systems compete to deliver physical goods to consumers, the same will increasingly be true for online information goods.

A distribution system is the combination of a transport system (e.g. video-on-demand server, or a cellular radio network) as well as a payment system (e.g. IPTV conditional access and billing). Different systems tend to be good at delivering different types of content, be it valuable, time-critical, or bulky.

We believe there will be a fragmentation of the distribution systems for information goods over the next decade. This will have significant impact on business models for all Telco, Media and Technology players. The survey is intended to test these forecasts against the views of practitioners around the world.

You can read more about the thinking behind this research project here.

And, the link to the survey, one last time for those who are too busy to scroll up, is here.

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