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Real Youth Input at Digital Youth Summit!

A few people have asked us ‘Why don’t you have some young people at the forthcoming Digital Youth Summit?’. They point out that it is challenging to explore youth propositions when nobody from the target customer segment is present. Without being ageist about this, the principle reasons why we don’t invite the ‘yoof’ along are:

  • They won’t turn up - Telco brainstorms are probably not ‘hip’ for most young people
  • Even if they do turn up, they are unlikely to be willing or able to articulate their views in front of 80+ suited and booted telco ‘wrinklies’ - sorry everyone attending but if you ain’t under 25, then that’s their view of you.

So how do we intend to get input from the people we are targeting?

Simple: we’re getting along lots of people who work directly with this market on a day-to-day basis and understand their needs, attitudes and behaviours.

These include:

  • Peter Miles, whose SubTV business (described here with some useful background on students) provides TV and other propositions into the UK student market. We are going to focus particularly on students and explore opportunities to develop new propositions for this segment. They are already targeted heavily by the banks with the rationale that if they can win them when they are students, they can keep them during their lucrative adult years. We want to see how operators can apply a similar strategy.
  • Raju Rishi, from Rave Wireless, will explain what they have done to deliver tailored mobile solutions to students in the US. More on Rave here.
  • Liza Noonan, European Strategic Marketing Manager at Alcatel-Lucent will talk about The Worldwide Lab the company has developed to better understand the attitudes and needs of young people and test ideas and propositions. The Lab ‘team’ consists of 57 young people of various ages located across the globe who contribute directly to Alcatel-Lucent’s research into mobile phones, mobile usage, social networking, television and other digital issues. In keeping with its youthful theme, the Lab has a very ‘Web 2.0’ approach including a blog and some film of questions/issues discussed by youth participants that are posted on YouTube. You can find them all here or view one about the trials and tribulations of young people shopping on mobiles below:

We have seveal other stimulus speakers with knowledge and experience of the student market - see the full agenda here. So rest easy, the youth will be well represented even if there won’t be many with an age south of 30 present!

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