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Ring! Ring! Monday ‘Hot News’, 12th November

In this edition of Telco 2.0’s ‘Hot News’ : Viviane Reding wants the power; The iPhone fails to explode in Europe; Who needs Google Android when we’ve got LiMo?; TD-SCDMA gadgets, at last; T-Mobile Shadow under test; 900MHz 3G is here; Sprint and Clearwire fall out; Helio burns yet more cash; BT buys Sonus kit; COLT buys an IMS. Plus, ‘Telco 2.0 Recommends…’: the best from last week’s blogosphere.

Digital Politics and Regulation

Reding wants the power…the power to unbundle all Europe.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Proposed; a single regulator for everything that’s European and telecoms, with you-know-who in charge. It’s a fearful vision if you’re Telco 1.0, and pretty scary if you’re Telco 2.0, come to think of it. Expect much more structural separation if this happens.

Telstra’s struggle with the Australian government goes on…and on…

Telco 2.0 Comment: It’s one of the most poisonous regulator-carrier relationships in the world, so we’re not sure Phil Burgess’s suggestion to “make love not war” is even wise.

Telco 2.0 Strategy

Sprint’s WiMAX JV with Clearwire is dead; it’s an ex-parrot. Can the cablecos resuscitate it? Or perhaps the whole idea is doomed?

Telco 2.0 Comment: It’s been all Sprint/Clearwire, all the time this week - the big JV is off, and both parties are blundering ahead on their own hook. Obviously this is a symptom of the roiling mess at Sprint, but it throws doubt on both parties’ business models, especially Clearwire what with being a pure-play WiMAX network. So far, they are desperately seeking an anchor tenant, and the renewed interest in the cablecos is an effort to find just that. Alternatively, Google might just get involved as part of its carrier-deterrence strategy…or else they might even consider a shared infrastructure model? Now that would be Telco 2.0.

Helio the MVNO burns more cash; SK Telecom is called to the bank.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Just like Earthlink’s metro-WLAN disasters are a cautionary exhibit about the perils of doing big WLAN deployments without any clear business model, their MVNO is turning into yet another exhibit on how MVNOs aren’t necessarily easy. Perhaps the lesson is that being a telco is hard and all the easy options are wrong?

Technology Disruptions

iPhone hysteria in the UK; not!

Telco 2.0 Comment: After all the fuss - the expected iPhone mania in the UK fails to explode. At least, however, O2 can say that their postpay subscribers numbers are going up.

iPhones only exist if you believe in them; for everyone else there’s this script.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Perfect, if not quite a telco mashup - it’s a script that removes all mentions of iPhones from your daily web diet. The problem is the people who want the opposite; one that removes all mentions of everything else and replaces them with “iPhone”.

TD-SCDMA: an actual phone!

Telco 2.0 Comment: Samsung and others have a breakthrough - an actual, real TD-SCDMA device!

Android; does it really exist?

Telco 2.0 Comment: It’s a tough way to put it, but it does express an important truth. Google’s Android is still very vague indeed - whether it is an applications environment, an SDK, a full-blown operating system or what is still a mystery. And what about LiMo, the mobile Linux platform that is actually in some phones? Eh?

Elisa flips on 900MHz 3G.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Spectrum refarming is here, it seems, even if there is currently only one 900MHz UMTS device on the market. A useful reminder that even owning spectrum is no security against the great price plunge.

Portals, Partners, and Platforms

BT buys Sonus kit; zaps 5 kilomanagers

Telco 2.0 Comment: BT buys another plank for the platform, in the shape of Sonus’s access controllers for the edges of its not-IMS IP network. Meanwhile, it continues to reshape itself; this year it actually expects to increase head count, as the 5,000 ex-managers going out will pass a somewhat larger number of new hires in customer service and Global Services IT coming in. Platforms need fanatical support.

COLT buys an IMS

Telco 2.0 Comment: We got one! We got one!

T-Mobile Shadow: genius or madness? ZDNet’s Mobile Gadgeteer tries to grasp its meaning.

Telco 2.0 Recommends…
Best from last week’s blogosphere: Sramana Mitra’s series on Qualcomm, Internap’s new p2p service, Radiohead fans: are selfish, things in the US cable business are grim, and social networking sites make up more Web traffic than e-mail in the UK.

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