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Consumer Voice & Messaging 2.0 — New survey

We’re pleased to announce a new online survey about the future of voice and messaging. The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete and is designed (as always) to be thought provoking. It closes on the 19th December.

All those who complete the survey will receive a free set of summary results. The full results, as well as a deeper analysis of the changes in the industry and a full directory of every “2.0” player in the field will be published in our Consumer Voice & Messaging 2.0 report at the end of January.

Voice and messaging service operators face increased competition: fixed-mobile substitution, converged services, new low-cost entrants, as well as external competition from rich Internet communications services. The survey is designed to identify the key changes likely to happen in delivering consumer voice and messaging services for fixed, mobile and converged operators. Respondents are invited to identify the best operator strategies and select the key unmet user needs.

This survey has 4 short sections:

  1. Introduction & Your details
  2. Consumer Voice & Messaging Market Scenarios
  3. Best Operator Voice & Messaging Strategies
  4. Voice & Messaging Service Execution

Based on feedback from last year’s voice and messaging survey, we’ve made this one shorter and simpler. If you did the survey last year, you’re very welcome to do it again this year so you can get a copy of the new results.

Please take part here.

(Thanks too for everyone who participated in our previous survey on the future of broadband. Those who completed the survey were mailed the summary results a few weeks ago — we’re always keen to hear feedback. The resulting Broadband Business Models 2.0 report is in the final assembly stages.)

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