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Mash-Up Demos at Telco 2.0

We’re delighted to be partnering with mashup* demo. They will being bringing their usual high energy buzz to Telco 2.0 event on the 17th April. The closing date for mash-up developers to submit demo proposals is 20th March, please send an email to demo@mashupevent.com with a 100 word description should you want to be considered.

There are 2 types we’re interested in:
1.) Those that support generic business processes surrounding the purchase, provisioning and payment of any good or service; 2.) Those that support delivery of a specific telecoms-related product or service to the user.

For #1, the processes to cover include: Identifying and authenticating customers; Advertising, Marketing Services & Business Intelligence; E-Commerce Sales; Telco-enabled Order Fulfilment (on-line, voice) - e.g. software or music downloads, Telco-enabled Order Fulfilment (offline) - e.g. parcel delivery, Telco enabled/managed Billing & Collections; Electronic/on-line Content Delivery - principally content delivery caches, rights management; Customer service and support.

There are also additional business activities such as warehouse management, vehicle tracking, etc. - things which the end customer doesn’t touch, but which forms part of the supply chain. Overall, this is what we call “communications enabled business processes”.

For #2, it’s what happens to put together the actual user service. For example: Personal communications services (“better telephony”, integration with collaboration tools, etc.), or horizontal activities like: Integration with Web tools; Vertical industry solutions (healthcare, property, utilities, etc.).

More information on mashup* demo activities here:

The mashup* Event serves the digital industry community through regular events, allowing everyone to be kept up-to-date and to meet for discussions with like-minded professionals. Run by and advised by members of the digital community these events, hosted in London, include: mashup* Event, mashup* Demo, mashup* Innovate, Being-Digital. Their events typically provide for informal networking, top quality speakers and debates, demos, followed by drinks and snacks.

Upcoming event:

mashup* Event Mobile - 10th April
The focus of the next mashup* Event will be “Is there an opportunity to for mashups enter into the mobile value chain?” Along with speakers and debates, we offer the opportunity for a few theme-related demos to be shown at mashup* Events.
For more details please visit here.

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