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Stimulus for Telco 2.0 Brainstorm, MashUp Demos

We’ve been delighted by the effort the speakers are putting in to their ‘stimulus presentations’ for the Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm this week in London.

One or two have had their drafts sent back covered in red ink, but most have followed the detailed briefing, looking to bring new, fresh and relevant insights to help the brainstorm really hum. It’s now a mouth-watering line up and the event will be packed to the rafters.

To supplement the formal content we have some interesting start-upweb/telecoms ‘mashup’ companies demo-ing their wares too. Below is a list of some of them covering ‘Vocal IM’, ‘Single Sign On’, ‘Video Ringtones’, ‘SMS Management’, ‘Embedded Online Voice’, ‘Social Phonebook’, ‘Hosted Voice Messaging’:

Palringo makes Instant Messaging work on mobile. The service combines walkie-talkie style voice (Vocal Instant Messaging) with the real-time text chat functionality of Instant Messaging and enriches communications further by offering the ability to share pictures within the context of a discussion. Palringo supports both one-on-one and relevant group discussions, and enables real-time dialogue that can incorporate users from across the globe using most mobile devices on any data network (2.5G, 3G, wi-fi)or connected PC. It is currently being used by consumers and businesses in over 50 countries.

Palringo offers a reliable connection to other popular Instant Messaging services and enables mobile users to send Vocal and Picture Messages along with the more common text messages with only one click!

Presence is the foundation of Palringo where the customer is always connected with a persistent on and off-line. The customer’s advertised presence offers a mix of user control and automation. Palringo allows community and communications to be integrated into a wide range of applications.

A single sign-on for consumer websites. It allows people to log into all of your company’s sites at a push of a button and doesn’t require any software download. All cutomers have to do is click the button.

Clickpass makes registration for new websites a simple, two-click process, removing the need for people to enter any of their details and even sending their profile photo. Clickpass is simple to install and based on the popular OpenID protocol.

The application improves loyalty, registration rates, mobile access and the ease with which you can introduce customers to new services.

Vringo is making mobile Personalization 2.0 a reality by enabling users to experience rich media ringtones “Vringos” on a wide variety of mobile devices and, for the first time, to share that media with friends and communities. Vringos are video ringtones that play on a fellow-Vringo-member’s phone. As video clips or avatars or slide shows, however, they hold room for self-expression, entertainment and the freedom to match a specific Vringo to a friend. Users license their Vringo clips through the phone or online from a range of downloadable premium content. They may also download free promotional clips, or generate their own clips with the phone’s video camera. The Vringo medium - along with its multimedia messages - has spread virally through friends, interest groups, fan groups, on Facebook and other social networks, and serves the interests of content providers and carriers as well as mobile phone consumers. For more information, please see www.vringo.com.

Treasuremytext.com: the simple way to save your SMS online.

What is it?
Treasuremytext’s premise is simple: save, organise and share your SMS messages online. It’s for SMS fans everywhere, on any network, globally, and includes a suite of features from simple SMS backup to Text Streams - offering users the ability to publish their SMS diaries and mobile blogs. Users simply forward their favourite SMS messages to the service’s standard rate mobile number to make sure they’re kept safe forever. Treasuremytext treasures users’ messages and the new AJAX powered interface means viewing and organising is easy.

Who is it for?
Treasuremytext, initially launched in 2003 as a prototype, has seen steady growth of its loyal fan base of SMS users worldwide. Treasuremytext has broad appeal for a ‘non early adopter’ crowd of anyone anywhere who enjoys sending and receiving SMS, and who’s mobile content is important to them. Since its soft launch in April 2008 Treasuremytext 2.0 is seeing rapid growth in users (normal mobile users) globally.

What unmet user needs does it address?
Whilst more players are entering the personal archiving market, Treasuremytext has broad appeal and distinct ease of use advantages. It works on any phone, on any network , anywhere in the world (well, pretty much). Treasuremytext has also built up a wealth of knowledge about what, when and how people from all over the world send and save by SMS. Treasuremytext is for people who’s mobile content is important to them (a big market, worldwide). The service also lets people save and share messages socially, and offers low cost outbound international messaging.

Why is it interesting to Telcos?
Treasuremytext is a unique standalone product that can enhance any Telco offering. It is a user focussed service that has no technology prerequisites. Whist similar services have been developed by some telcos, Treasuremytext is a best in class, super simple to use Web application designed by people who know how to deliver great online experiences. Potential future plans for the service include opening our API, developing a white label version of the service, and developing client applications for handsets based on the success of our Treasuremytext for iPhone application.

PhoneFromHere.com delivers instant, verbal communication to Web users and communities with no requirement to surrender personal information or download software. Speech offers the most effective means for communication and PhoneFromHere.com delivers opportunities for person-to-person/group speech within the context of a Website.

The service include analysis and custom development ensuring the VoIP application is integrated in a way which best suits the existing website. PhoneFromHere.com has the potential to increase web traffic by delivering live voice chat opportunities online, but the solution is also flexible enough to include end-users on phones and mobiles. This creates new opportunities for telcos to capture the dynamism of the web and add value to their existing networks.

ZYB’s Social Phonebook launching in Q2 2008 - sign up now!

The mobile address book is the feature on the phone that we use most often and is where most people store the contact information of the most important people in their lives - family, friends and close business colleagues. Yet, there has been no innovation around the mobile address book in over a decade. In fact, let’s be honest, whilst we’ve been able to interact with friends on the internet in ever more innovative ways, the mobile phone address book has remained a pretty dull and static experience. We want to change this.

Our developers have therefore been working hard on a new service that will transform our experience of our mobile phone address book - into a live and interactive experience of your contacts. The new service is called the ZYB Phonebook and we’re really excited about being able to share it with you in Q2 2008.

The ZYB Phonebook will, for example, enable you to:

- see the live physical location of your friends - if they want to share it with you!
- see their availability for a call including the time zone they are in if it’s a different time zone to yours - so you don’t wake them up in New York
- share your calendar with people - if you’re maybe working together at a conference for a week
- receive their online activity streams from services like Facebook and Twitter - getting the latest status of your closest friends whilst you’re away from your computer
- see the photos they have just posted on photo sharing sites like Flickr
- and of course, for the nearly quarter of a million of you who are already using ZYB, continue to receive auto-updates of your friends’ contact details as well as an online back up on zyb.com of all of the contacts, calendar events, photos and text messages on your mobile - so if you lose or change your mobile, you haven’t lost your most valuable data.

VoiceSage is a provider of hosted Interactive Voice Messaging services to the enterprise sector. VoiceSage provides companies with the ability to augment specific business processes to remove costly communication and co-ordination drags. There are many instances throughout the organisation where you need to reach out and get the customer to confirm something or take an action. From appointment confirmations to credit and collections management we help companies to reach out to those customers and dramatically reduce metrics such as appointment “no shows” and “debtor days outstanding”.

Our primarily verticals are in Financial Services, Utilities, and Retail. However there is no reason why smaller companies could not also benefit from the service. Indeed, the VoiceSage API makes these “big company” processes available to other on-line and off-line service providers. VoiceSage can also be mashed up or embedded in other service offers and we are looking forward to developing more relationships to facilitate this.

We sell against a defined need because customers are already measuring the metrics we aim to improve. Due to the inherent flexibility of the service our customers in turn become creative in how it can be deployed in their organisation to remove the previously unreachable co-ordination drags. Our clients typically experience ROI’s in the hundreds of percent.

With more and more companies moving to Enterprise 2.0 communications services technologies top the list of early adoptions (IDC). As more and more data is released within and outside of the organisation, the challenge for VoiceSage and for Telco’s alike, is how to develop more intelligent messaging services.

We’ll be reporting from the event later in the week. If you can’t come, our new research reports - on which the event is based - are now out here.

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