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New IPTV Survey

Telecom TV’s new survey explores the future of IPTV. It’s an interesting survey and is quick to do. The link is here.

NB: For each survey you participate in TelecomTV will share the results with you for FREE and donate $1.00 to UNHCR’s charity, Ninemillion.org.

Background: Many Carriers, faced with decreasing voice revenue streams, are looking to IPTV for their next big win. With new opportunities comes risks and challenges; many critics point out that telcos are straying into new and dangerous territory, because in becoming content providers they’re not playing to their key engineering strengths.

What do YOU think is going to happen in this carrier-delivered IP market over the next five years?

Please fill out the survey here. It’s relatively quick, entirely painless and for a good cause.

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For Tier1 operators engineering is one of their strengths, but in general I would say that telcos core is more on their huge customer base and their marketing power. All of these strenghts are consistent with a move to IPTV, where the only competency to acquire is content management and acquisition.

The biggest threat today to IPTV comes from Internet TV players...


and other Pay-TV alternatives. But IPTV telcos are still doing quite fine (see the example of Spain)


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