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OSS/BSS: vast untapped reserves of value

If you (or colleagues) are coming to the TM Forum’s Management World event in Nice in two week’s time, why not maximise your time investment and join the Leadership Summit on the Monday (18th May) - starts at 11am.

Telco 2.0 will be facilitating using our interactive ‘Mindshare’ method as well as presenting new analysis (new since our own event 3 weeks ago!). There are also 4 luminaries on tap to stimulate and drive the debate. Details here.

Here’s the rationale for coming: Ref our post on ‘Two-Sided Platform’ FAQs: “…telcos’ real value is in the service-creation and relationship management capability of their OSS-BSS”

There are tens of thousands of enterprises (large and small) that could benefit from telco assets that can help optimise time-sensitive and trust-sensitive business processes. There are vast untapped reserves of these buried within the OSS/BSS.

As we’ve modelled in our latest research report, the value to enterprises of optimising certain business processes is way in excess of the cost of the telecoms element - the latter is a ‘rounding error’. That means that there is plenty of room for high telco margins and what we’re calling ‘next generation termination fees’.

At the TM Forum’s Leadership Summit we’ll be discussing how to make the transformation to realise this opportunity.

PS: We’ll have 3 analysts at Management World till the Wed pm, so if you’d like to schedule a meeting just email us here.

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