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Telco 2.0 Research Programme, Autumn/Winter 2008

Following the publication of the new Telco 2.0 Manifesto, we’ve refreshed our overall strategy research programme for the coming year. (Like the fashion industry, our products change with the seasons.) This new programme will address the key strategic challenges that lie at the heart of creating new value in Telecoms and adjacent markets. Here’s a quick preview.

5 x New “Research Practices”

We’ve organized our research into 5 Research Practices to address the key Telco 2.0™ strategic challenges.


5 x New Strategy Reports

The current Telco 2.0 Strategy reports are:

  • Voice & Messaging 2.0 “Re-inventing the original killer applications”
  • Future Broadband Business Models “Beyond bundling: winning the new $250Bn delivery game”
  • The 2-Sided Telecoms Market Opportunity “Sizing the new $125Bn platform services opportunity”
  • The following Strategy Reports will be published over the next six months:

  • Telco 2.0™ Trends: “All new Market Study - A new role for Telcos in the Digital Economy” (Publication: September 2008)
  • Content Distribution 2.0: “Fixing the broken online video distribution value chain” (Publication: November 2008)
  • Voice & Messaging 2.0: “How telecoms will re-engineer enterprise customer service - again” (Publication: December 2008)
  • Advertising & Marketing 2.0: “How telcos can help to bring customers and brands together successfully” (Publication: January 2009)
  • Billing & Payments 2.0: “Charging and collecting for digital services” (Publication: Spring 2009)
  • Each report contains >150 pages of detailed analysis and insight, numerous case studies, reviews of winning and losing strategies, and short, medium and long-term action plans for Telcos, Vendors, Investors, and their business partners.

    5 x New ‘Executive Briefing’ Packages

    Each year each of the Research Practices produces a package of 8 × 30+ page Executive Briefings that provides the very best leading thinking and real world learning across the subject area. It’s designed to keep leaders and strategists fully and comprehensively ahead of the game. The packages include direct access to Telco 2.0™ analysts.

    Please email Andrew Collinson, Research Commercial Director, for further information.

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