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How BMW uses mobile marketing

As readers will no doubt have seen, we have a major session with strategy execs on ‘telcos role in the marketing/advertising value chain’ on the second day of the Telco 2.0 event in November. It builds on output from our ‘Advertising & Marketing 2.0’ research practice and work we’ve been doing with the GSMA and others (see also new analysis re Blyk here). In particular we will will be drilling down on:

* The practicalities of exploiting the rich customer data that resides within telco networks?
* How to help marketers and content owners engage more closely with consumers via the telco channel?
* Where and how should telcos collaborate in this market to deliver the reach that marketers value from a medium?

We have a great panel who will bring some new perpsectives to stimulate the debate: Paul Magelli from NSN (on the first point, more here); Will Hodgman, EVP from ComScore/M:Metrics (on the GSMA’s recent metrics project); Mark Johnson, CMO of SAP (on how to integrate processes with the content industry and the practicalities of real-time segmentation); and Hugo Drayton, CEO of Phorm (the pioneering and ‘controversial’ online advertising service in the UK, talking about industry collaboration, how to engage with consumers and deal with regulatory issues!). We’ll also be sharing some of our future ‘use case’ work in this area, pulling on best practices in marketing/advertising from around the world.

In the meantime, one of the best practices, from a brands perspective, of using mobile as a marketing tool is BMW. The case study and interview below demonstrates the huge potential of the medium. But you’ll see that there’s very little value that the telco operator currently extracts from these scenarios. Our ongoing efforts are to define a far more valuable role for the telco in the marketing/advertising value chain:

This case study comes from Jim Cook at MobiAdNews, the best information resource on mobile marketing you can find. Jim writes:

BMW is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. As part of their on-going effort to build stronger connections with consumers, BMW has established a Marketing Innovation Department, which, among other things, has responsibility for developing mobile advertising and marketing.

Marc Mielau is the Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing at BMW. In this two-part interview in MobiAD News (links below), Marc explains how a major brand like BMW with a large complex organization can effectively address new opportunities such as mobile advertising and marketing.

It is Marc’s view that mobile advertising really needs to be looked at in a broader context. “People took their ads from TV and moved them to online, and now they are trying to find space for ads on the little screen. This is fine, but its not the whole truth about the mobile channel.”

Mark also shares several of the very interesting campaigns that BMW has run, and explains that having a strong customer orientation is of primary importance. The campaigns he reviews include a QR campaign for the BMW 1 Series, a video call campaign for the new BMW Museum in Munich, and a “situation based” marketing program for snow tires that yielded a 30% conversion to sales!

The interview demonstrates all the different aspects of mobile marketing that a leading brand like BMW is working on, what has worked, and what they see for the future.

Interview Part I here
Interview Part II here

[Ed. - you can meet Jim at the Telco 2.0 event on 4-5 Nov, London].

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