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CMO Forum @ Mobile World Congress

The Telco 2.0 team will be in force at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in a few weeks’ time. If any of our readers would like to meet up with us please mail us.

In the meantime, if you are a strategy leader at an operator or media company we’d strongly recommend you ask for an invite to the ‘CMO Forum’ at MWC, which this year goes deeper than ever into the mobile marketing opportunity.

Telco 2.0 will be presenting some analysis and facilitating the discussions. The GSMA has lined up a superb list of speakers and panellists from across the value chain. See agenda below (NB: there are only a few seats left for this event - which are reserved for senior strategy execs at operators and media cos only):

Wednesday 18th February: 11.30-6.00PM


11.30-11.35: Welcome: Moderator: Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative

11.35-11.50 CMO Context Setter: Adding Value to Brands in the Digital Economy - Size of the Opportunity: A summary of Telco 2.0 research, sizing the opportunity for telcos to support brands. Includes key illustrative use cases. Chris Barraclough, Managing Director, STL Partners/Telco 2.0TM Initiative.

11.50-12.20 - Pocket-Sized Thinking: The Top Ten Mobile Marketing Campaigns of 2008
Jess Greenwood, Deputy Editor, Contagious Magazine
Contagious is a quarterly magazine focused on the most innovative exercises in branding, design, technology and popular culture. This session will explore examples of creative and effective marketing strategies incorporating, or entirely executed through the mobile channel.

12.20-12.30 Introduction to Mofilm, the world’s first Global Mobile Film Festival
Jeffrey Merrihue, Chairman, Mofilm

12.30-1.30 Lunch

1.30-1.50 CMO Keynote: Mobile - the Ultimate Channel of Engagement
David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Wireless
Mobile’s future development is dependent on engagement with other industries. These industries work to different business models, on different structures and with different motivations, timescales and business practices. What does the mobile world have to offer these markets, how can it demonstrate its value and what needs to hurdles have to be overcome.

1.50-2.00 Questions

2.00-2.45 - Mobile as a Marketing Medium
To include:
  1. Mobile-specific advantages - targeting, personalisation, audience of one, immediate response
  2. Beyond banners and display - defining the mobile marketing portfolio
  3. Maintaining and developing brand value through mobile
  4. Measure and Metrics - proving the mobile case
  5. Advertising as a revenue source for future services

Wayne Brannon, Executive Director, Chevrolet Europe
Ken Hertz, Principal, MemBrain, Entertainment strategy consultant, MacDonalds, InterContinental Group and others.
Cenk Serdar, Chief VAS Officer, Turkcell
Scott Seaborn, Head of Mobile Technologies, Ogilvy Group
Vanderlei Roque dos Santos, Nestlé - Vevey - eBusiness Leader

2.45-3.30 It’s Viral Baby: Obama, Dipdive and mobile music
Will.I.Am - Musician, Writer and Producer. Steve Koskie of Dip Dive and Fred Goldring
Frontman, writer and producer of the multi-platinum band, the Black Eyed Peas will discuss the impact of a short video he created last year - together Steve Koskie of Dipdive , Fred Goldring and others - called “Yes We Can”. Based on Barack Obama’s now famous speech of the same name, it was launched on Will’s own new social networking site “Dipdive”. Some 50 million hits later (and still growing), it has become a phenomenon that proved to be a significant factor in changing the direction of the 2008 Presidential elections. Will, Steve and Fred will discuss the making and the success of the film, and their concept of Dipdive as a vehicle to revolutionise the artist/fan relationship.

3.30-4.15 - Social Networking on the Move
To include:
  1. Mobile’s role in social networking - mobile only or mobile enhanced communities?
  2. What mobile adds to social networking - immediacy, voice, text
  3. Getting the user experience right - one click functionality, brand value and recognition
  4. How can operators stay ‘cool’ and keep up with changes in consumer behaviours?
  5. Where’s the money? Defining the value chain
  6. Marketing to virtual communities

Pieter Knook, Head of Internet Development, Vodafone Group
Marc Vanlerberghe, Director Product Marketing, Mobile at Google
Henri Moissinac, Head of Mobile, Facebook

4.15-4.30 Coffee break

4.30-5.15 Entertainment in your hand
To include:
  1. Business models for mobile entertainment
  2. How different is mobile as a creative platform - is it a completely new medium?
  3. Mobile’s place in the on-demand revolution for content owners and advertisers
  4. Mobile’s role in user generated content - YouTube, citizen journalism and more
  5. Getting the revenue - how do you get paid? (link to next panel)

Gideon Bierer, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, MTV Networks International
Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, New Markets, Nokia
Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive Officer, Telefonica O2 UK

5.15-5.45 Phone to wallets - the mobile money opportunity
To include:
  1. Definition of mobile money - what role can/should mobile play in financial services?
  2. What potential does mobile have to alter consumer purchasing patterns? From advertisement to transaction in a single click
  3. Will mobile payments provide a channel to new customers in emerging markets?

Tim Attinger, Head of Global Product Innovation, Visa
Boris Nemsic, CEO Telecom Austria Group
Marty Beard, President, Sybase365

5.45-5.50 Wrap up and final comments
6.00- Close

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