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Top 10 Telco 2.0 articles in 2008

Later this week we’ll publish our preview of 2009. In the meantime, below are our Top 10 most popular articles from 2008…These are all themes that we’ll be progressing in 2009 (draft research agenda here):

1.) BBC iPlayer - destroys the ISP business model
The BBC, one of the world’s biggest producers of content, launched an advanced internet video service on Christmas Day [2007]. We’ve analysed the actual effect on ISP costs. The results are very scary indeed…
2.) Credit Crunch; a silver lining for telcos?
The current liquidity crisis in the financial markets may provide telcos with some unique opportunities for enhancement and transformation of their business models. Here’s an analysis of why, how and where…
3.) Lessons from Amazon - Transactions are telcos’ future
Amazon CTO’s presentation at Telco 2.0 was an inspiring example of what can be achieved by understanding both transaction processing, and the business model around it.
4.) Google vs Telcos - Tale of the Tape
Many people feel that Google will merrily extend its dominance of web search into voice and messaging and mobile advertising. However, new analysis suggests that telcos have some clear advantages for building competitive platforms…if they can exploit them
5.) Exclusive Interview: The ‘Long Tail’ de-bunked?
New research challenging the received wisdom of the ‘Long Tail’ theory was presented at the Telco 2.0™ event [in November]. We review this in depth with the economist concerned
6.) Vodafone - too much data, not enough vo and fone
“Ask not how data can replace lost voice revenue, but how data can rejuvenate the personal communications experience.” Satisfying people’s need to collaborate, chatter, and communicate should be central to every operator strategy. Here’s why…
7.) The Future of Voice Telephony - Death or Glory?,
Telcos have consistently abandoned their core product, and are ignoring new business models, whilst pursuing fools’ gold in media content.
8.) Credit crunch - silver lining for telcos, part 2
The cost of refinancing telco debt maturities (€76.8bn combined for AT&T, BT, DT, FT, KPN, TI, Vodafone, Telefonica, Verizon, and Vodafone) might pose headwinds in de-leveraging, but telco stocks may prove highly attractive in an era of rampant risk-aversion. We examine how telcos can take advantage of current market conditions.
9.) Nokia and Symbian: Missing an Opportunity?
While Nokia is busy buying Symbian, the competition has moved on and offers a lot more than purely handset features
10.) Online Video Usage: YouTube thrashes iPlayer…but for how long?.
New ISP streaming data shows that YouTube is currently the heaviest video traffic. But our analysis suggests this situation will change dramatically as traditional broadcasters increase their presence online, with significant impact for all players… .
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