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‘Social media guru’ and ‘web leader’ to stimulate 6th Telco 2.0 Exec Brainstorm, Nice, 6-7 May

We’re delighted to welcome Marc Davis, Chief Scientist at Yahoo! Connected Life, and ‘social media guru’ to the list of stimulus speakers at the next Telco 2.0 event in Nice on 6-7 May (more about him here). He’s been tempted over from the US by the promise of some high-octane business model brainstorming… and the allure of the Cote d’Azur in Spring.
Marc Davis

Marc’s fellow panellists will be: Brian Shepherd, President of Amdocs Interactive, Rainer Deutschmann, EVP Mobile Internet at T-Mobile International, and Telco 2.0 Associate Norman Lewis, who’ll be sharing a new concept for engaging ‘digital natives’ called the Customer Participation Framework’.

In the meantime, Anssi Vanjoki, one of the 25 “most influential people on the web” according to Business Week, and EVP of New Markets at Nokia, will be joining us in the ‘Devices 2.0’ session which follows the one above. On an initial briefing call last week he said he wanted to stimulate a debate on ‘openness’.

His view in summary:

The era of operator control is rapidly coming to an end. The telecoms industry as a whole, not just its business model, needs re-invention. Devices will become computers which will be impossible for any single company/or collection of companies (like telcos) to ‘own’. As such, the relevance of particular operating systems will decrease as applications reside higher up the software stack.

Telcos must therefore quickly align with the open source world to create truly open development environments. They must embrace this world, not fight against it. Those operators with fixed operations understand this imperative best having seen the impact on fixed broadband already. Many however still don’t, or only do partially. Telcos should recognise that their core competence lies in access, which has tremendous value if they can think about it creatively.

API programmes like the GSMA’s OneAPI and the OMTP’s BONDI still contain too much ‘old fashioned’, walled garden thinking. LiMO is better, but still lacks a fundamental understanding of the changing role of the operator.

Anssi promises to provide some statistics and examples to back up his argument. He’ll be on stage with Yves Maitre, SVP Global Devices, Orange-FT Group and Alberto Ciarniello, VP Telecom Italia and Board Member of OMTP, who’ll all be cajoled and prodded by Telco 2.0 Associate Dean Bubley.

Ed - if you can’t make it to Nice in May, but would like access to the research input, the stimulus material (presentations and videos) and the brainstorming output, do consider our new ‘Distance Participation Packages’, ideal for those on a travel ban or with limited budgets: details here.

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