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Devices 2.0 - Orange, TI, T-Mobile in tune

Having updated readers on Nokia’s point of view re ‘openness’ a few week’s ago (“…must fully embrace open-source…”), we had the opportunity to brief and speak with the other stimulus presenters for the Devices 2.0 session at the Telco 2.0 Exec Brainstorm in a few week’s time.

Yves Maitre, Global SVP of Devices (fixed and mobile) for Orange Group, described the burning question that needs to be debated: “How to be ‘open’ and create ‘value’ [increase profits]?” The borderline between destroying telco value and creating it is very narrow - we need a clearer understanding of options for the industry, he says. He believes that the ability to manage customer privacy and identity is the key to future business models. Building on our recent analysis he will present a short stimulus piece on the role of the device in enabling this, and how the home environment relates to the mobile environment.

Alberto Ciarniello, VP of Service Innovation at Telecom Italia and leader of the OMTP’s BONDI initiative, couldn’t agree more. He’ll be describing, via some new use case scenarios, the potential of BONDI standards to enable cross-platform (Android, MS, Symbian, etc, fixed as well as mobile) opportunities to manage end-user information securely and open up new ‘two-sided’ business model opportunities.

Building on this, Rainer Deutchmann, EVP of Mobile Internet at T-Mobile International, recognises the need to define effective parameters for an ‘open ecosystem’ business model.

He points out that, in line with Orange and TI, Deutsche Telekom is moving rapidly towards converged (“integrated”) fixed and mobile services. The industry needs to get some basics right first - high quality network, useable and cheap devices, simple pricing model - then we are ready to play in a much more open ecosystem. Telcos will need to create far better retail capabilities and enable other (3rd party) service providers to sell through them (cf. Wal-Mart). Different players in the ecosystem have different capabilities and strengths, but how should we work together for maximum mutual benefit?

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