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TM Forum’s ‘Blueprint’ Initiative

As most readers know, we’re working increasingly closely with the TMForum and, in an effort to get strategy and IT people talking more closely with each other, we’ve co-located next week’s Telco 2.0 exec brainstorm with their big Management World event. (Check out the new ‘distance participation packages’ if you aren’t coming but want the input/output of the brainstorm). Below is an intro to TMForum’s new ‘Blueprint’ initiative, which we believe is a major step forward in helping realise the dream of the ‘two-sided’ telecoms business model:

TM Forum’s Solution Frameworks (NGOSS) has been a very widely adopted set of standards and best practices that have helped many businesses successfully transform their business and operations.

But to take it to the next level required in today’s extremely competitive landscape, we’ve developed the Blueprint Initiative, which essentially takes our Solutions Framework - and its key elements the Application Framework (TAM), Business Process Framework (eTOM) and Information Framework (SID) - and brings it to the next stage of evolution by finding commonalities among the core frameworks.

The Blueprint Initiative’s goal is to find these synergies and bring them together in an effort to help companies create a Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE), the goal of which is to create an extremely nimble, agile and modular organization that can very quickly adapt itself to new business models, new technologies and new partnering agreements.

During Management World 2009 we’ll be featuring a session aimed at CIOs from the major communications and media companies to look at how they can go about moving towards the concept of SOE. During the session, we’ll feature a case study from Amazon, which has already gone down this road and found in the process that the services that it needed to put in place to handle a customer order or payment could actually be made available to other people. So Amazon is in essence is running two businesses. In addition to selling goods under its own banner, it is also enabling other people to sell things using its platform (as avid readers of the Telco 2.0 blog will know well).

We think our Blueprint Initiative will play a big role in giving companies in the communications, media and entertainment sectors the right tools to take their businesses to the next level.

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