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EVE Online comes to Telco 2.0

Telco 2.0 is delighted to announce that Nathan Richardson, Executive Producer for EVE Online at CCP Games, will be speaking at November’s EMEA Telco 2.0 event, to help us understand the ‘digital generation’.

EVE Online is one of the world’s biggest massively-multiplayer virtual worlds, a community which incorporates as many as 300,000 subscribers and 45,000 others on free trial accounts. Within its world, players organise themselves in alliances, guilds, and commercial corporations and compete to dominate the trade of the Universe, whilst of course looking out for space pirates, or perhaps dabbling in piracy themselves.

The game is implemented…

…in the open-source Stackless Python programming language, a recent fork of Python designed for very high performance concurrent applications. It provides a rich Python API for upstream customers to develop their own skins, levels, tools and related applications, and engages with the community to the extent that the game’s government, the Council for Stellar Management, is elected by users. (An impressive list of community sites is here.)

Since 2005, the game has integrated voice-over-IP so that users can chat, conspire, and taunt each other in real time; it is a classic example of the trend towards voice fragmentation, where more and more of a growing total voice market will be taken by many new applications that have developed a voice capability, rather than by carriers or even traditional VoIP applications like Skype. Sociability - among alliances and corporations, among enemies, and among developers - is the key.


CCP Games monetises EVE through a combination of subscriptions and an in-game economy, and is therefore something of a two-sided hub as well; it uses a network of resellers to distribute pre-paid game time, very like pre-paid airtime in a mobile operator. It even sells subscriptions to a magazine. All things considered, its success has been built on all the elements of Telco 2.0 thinking, and hits the targets laid out in the Customer Participation Framework with uncanny accuracy; we can’t wait to hear what they have to say…

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