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Wimbledon 09 - Where is the telco in this picture?

We mentioned that IBM Research is charting a Telco 2.0 agenda, concentrating on mobile enterprise applications, emerging-market mobility (especially applications for SMBs), and enterprise-to-end user applications. Here’s a video demonstration of their Seer augmented-reality application, which is being trialled at Wimbledon this week.

A couple of points come to mind. The first is that Anssi Vanjoki’s remarks at this spring’s Telco 2.0 event about the future of the Web being contextual, rather than semantic, and that this would be driven by the proliferation of new sensors (orientation, machine vision, location, etc) on mobile devices, are entirely right. The second is that this shows the power of an open development platform. It may look like science fiction, but there are quite a lot of similar projects going on, working primarily in Android or Symbian S60, both inside Nokia R&D and independently.

The third is that device API standardisation is important, and the BONDI, JIL, and related projects are crucial for the future of the industry. The fourth is that the IBM developers didn’t involve a telco in any way, except to provide data transfer. Can anyone spell “dumb pipe”?

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That's a very useful tool!

GPS SAT/NAT requires route plotting and for the user to walk in one direction for it to know which way they are facing.. So I'm thinking the key component, aside from the app, is the digital compass?

If that's hardware based then only new phones from selected vendors would work with this application.

So i'm thinking 1% of the visitors to Wimbledon, whom have an android phone/phone with compass would be able to use this?

I must be missing something - someone enlighten me!

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