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Cloud Computing: AT&T, Juniper and Openet on the Telco Opportunity

Cloud Computing was a popular topic at both the Telco 2.0 AMERICA Executive Brainstorm in December and the EMEA event in November, although the subject came with strong ‘hype alert!’ warnings. Below are videos of some of the stimulus presentations from the events:

- AT&T Business Solutions’ VP Strategy, Joe Weinman, on the role of telcos in Cloud Computing.

- Scott Stevens, VP Worldwide Technology at Juniper Networks, on the challenges of Building the ‘Responsive Cloud Network’ beyond the data centre.

- Joe Hogan, Openet’s CTO, on the dynamic real-time charging and capacity management that operators need to deliver a good cloud experience.

AT&T - the Critical Role of Telcos in Cloud Computing

Joe Weinman, VP, Strategy & Business Development, AT&T, shared his insights on ‘Cloudonomics’ - the economic and business rationale for Cloud Services:

Joe questioned the limited usefulness of the standard definition of the ‘cloud of internet services’ available via a browser, and explored the multiplicity of end products and mediums used to access ‘the cloud’.

In his presentation, he describes 38 ‘hard-nosed reasons’ for clients to use cloud services, and explored several use cases including flexibility to deal with peaks in demand. (This is described more fully in his Telco 2.0 interview here).


Here he argues that the critical role of telcos in cloud services is the delivery of the service via secure and capable network. He also argues that his company, at least, has a unique set of assets to deliver these services and has made significant investments to monetise the opportunity, emphasising the importance of optical transport to guarantee quality.

Building the ‘Responsive Cloud Network’ beyond the data centre - Juniper

At the EMEA Brainstorm, Scott Stevens, VP Worldwide Technology, Juniper Networks, described the challenges of building a ‘responsive cloud’ in the network. This is needed to scale and adjust the security, VPN and experience delivery of the network to match changes in the configuration of the Cloud Computing infrastructure in the data centre.

Dynamic, Real-time Charging to Manage Cloud Capacity - Openet

At the EMEA Brainstorm, Joe Hogan, CTO of Openet, discussed the practical need for dynamic, real-time charging and policy systems to monetise and manage Cloud Network Services effectively.

From Openet’s experience with a number of operators, the real challenge for operators is balancing the money made with the traffic carried. Managing capacity, congestion and how to charge for it are the key issues

In his presentation above, Joe explores pricing strategies that allow operators to manage capacity issues, including dynamic tiered approaches, and described three levels of applications: 1.) sponsored, 2.) an evolving set of cloud applications, and 3.) non-strategic.

Cloud Services: Windy Vapour or Serious Money?

Despite a powerful and contagious attack of ‘hype’ indicators, such as rabid geek interest and outbreaks of impenetrable industry jargon (e.g. ‘the cloudburst scenario’), Cloud Services appear to have a sound basis. They solve an economic and business need, and the technologies appear to be coming of age.

The next challenge appears to rest with the sales and marketing community - how to make sense of ‘Clouds’ beyond the enterprise CTOs to the CEOs, many of whom have strong instinctive dislikes of anything hinting of gas. The complex operational challenges of delivering on the marketing promises will then follow. Then, perhaps, cloud services money will rain into Telcos’ coffers.

‘Profit from the Cloud’

For more on making money from Cloud Computing, Telco 2.0 Partners Parallels are holding their 5th Annual Cloud Computing Summit on February 22-24, 2010 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort, Florida.

[Ed: Orlando Exective Brainstorm delegates and Telco 2.0 Subscription Customers will shortly be able to access a more detailed write up of the Brainstorm, including analysis of the panel sessions and votes. To join the next Telco 2.0 event, please see here, email contact@telco2.net or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.]

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