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Voice & Messaging 2.0: New API Use Cases

We’ve just published our latest report on New Voice and Messaging 2.0: API Use Cases on our sister research site, which contains details of three new real-life ‘use cases’:

* an in-store feedback service
* a mobile and remote decision support application
* a resource tracking opportunity

These use the principles of ‘Communications-Enabled Business Processes’ (CEBP) to add value to enterprise customers by reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving services. The latest applications use automated and user-activated processes to deliver voice, SMS and IM messages.

The Maturity Path of Voice APIs

We’ve long said that Enterprises represent the key value opportunity for telcos. We also argue that this should primarily be through API-enabled applications and developer communities as a route to market, rather than direct retail engagement, because of the complexity of the market, and flexibility / low cost approach to implementation required.

From speaking to practicioners recently it looks as if this business model is increasingly taking root, and these New ‘Use Cases’ and others like them are needed to help both the developer and end-user enterprise communities grow the market. If you have examples you’d like to contribute, please comment on this article.

You can also bone-up on other innovative ideas through our Voice and Messaging 2.0 Innovators Directory.

(Ed: We’ll also be exploring how new voice and messaging API based applications can be applied across the enterprise value chain at our EMEA Brainstorm in London, April 28-29, 2010.)

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