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1st Hollywood-Telco Industry-to-Industry Exec Brainstorm

We’re delighted to report a superb list of participants for the 1st Hollywood-Telco industry-to-industry Executive Brainstorm, taking place on 5 May in Santa Monica (described before here) - see below. It’s an exclusive intensive brainstorm to look at new, global commercial models for collaboration between these industries.

There’s now an understanding from the major film, tv, advertising and gaming companies that they need help in protecting, distributing and monetising their product and that the telecoms industry has assets that could help them with this. In return, the telecoms industry is seeing that there’s an opportunity to open up a new ‘upstream’ market for them, rather than merely re-selling content.

It’s not often you get such a group from across the whole value chain in a room in such a way for such an important topic. There are a few places left, email us for details on costs and availability.

Confirmed Participants currently include:
Carlson Choi, VP Interactive Marketing, Activision; Dave Bailey, CEO, Aura Group; Curtis Beck, CEO, Bandito Bros; Carl Bressler, CEO, Basecamp; Huan Lee, VP, Break Media; Christian Briggs, CEO, Briggs Media; Mark Wilson-Dunn, Global Marketing Director, BT Media & Broadcast; Chris Rooke, EVP, CBS; Vickey Callen, VP Broadband Development, Century Link; Rick Karo, CEO, ComFlix; Todd, Barrish, VP, DBG; Chris Gunn, VP Branded Entertainment, Demand Media; Bill Jeffries, VP, Demand Media; Thomas Rambold, CEO, Dess; Thomas Curran, CTO, Group Products & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom; Albert Cheng, EVP Digital Media, Disney; Ron Geller, VP, Dolby; Jordan Hoffner, President Digital, Electus; Joerg Bachmaier, SVP/GM Americas, Endemol Worldwide; Jerry Kowal, SVP Digital Media, Endemol USA; Alan Edgett, Senior Director Advertising, Experian; Peter Levinsohn, President New Media & Digital Distribution, Fox Filmed Entertainment; Olivier Delfosse, Director Digital, Fremantle; Christian Grober, VP Fremantle; David Justin, CEO America, Global Cast (France Telecom); Steve Bradbury, VP, GOTV Networks; Peter Tortorici, CEO, GroupM Entertainment; Jonathan Aubry, Senior Director Branded Entertainment, Here Media; Thomas Fellger, CEO, IconMobile; Dave Martin, SVP Digital, Ignited; Frank Johnson, Independent Consultant; Rajan Samtani, Independent Consultant; Dave Goodrich, SVP Digital, IPG (Inter Public Group); Lori Schwartz, SVP, IPG (Inter Public Group); John Ferro EVP Distribution Lionsgate; Curt Marvis, President Digital, Lionsgate; Michael Karp, Independent Consultant; Krishnan Rajagopalan, VP, MPAA; Lee Coleman, SVP Business Devt, MTV; Stacey Negata, VP Strategy & Operations Digital Entertainment, NBC Universal; Jens Horstmann, VP, NCR; Eric Rodli, VP, Panavision; Chris Carey, EVP Worldwide Technology Strategy, Paramount; Ajay Dugar, Executive Director Digital Entertainment, Paramount; Barbary Brunner, CMO, PriceGrabber; Dave Hutchison, VP, Program Partners; Ken Papagan, President, Rentrak; Charlie Koones, CEO, Rockmore Media; Jeremy Butteriss, Senior Director, Broadband Entertainment, Rogers Communications; Kelly Perdew, CEO, Rotohog; Will Wynperle, Director, Shamrock; Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia; Michael Paull, EVP, Sony Music; Mitch Singer, CTO Sony Pictures Entertainment & President the DECE; Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative; Simon Torrance, CEO, Telco 2.0 Initiative (event facilitator); Roberto Saracco, Director Future Center, Telecom Italia; Yotam Ben-Ami, Director Strategic Partnerships, Telefonica; Dino Corazza, Director IPTV, Telus; Don Buckley, EVP, Terry Hines & Associates; Jeff Maynard, SVP Post Production, The Weinstein Company; Scott Holmes, CEO, United Future.

Awaiting final delegation details from:

AT&T, BT, Cisco, Disney, MGM, MTV, Orange Group, Showtime, Sprint, TeliaSonera, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone Group, Warner Bros, and others…

Many thanks to our associates Mark Kapczynski and Thomas Rambold in helping us put this together… We’ll report back after the event.

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