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Telco 2.0 Agenda Update: Hottest Topics for H2 2010

Developing strategies to optimize mobile broadband profitability is a major theme of Telco 2.0’s research and event agendas for the next 6 months. Competing with Facebook, collaborating with Hollywood, and better M2M strategies are also part of clarifying the roadmap to sustainable telecoms business models.
Below are previews of the agendas for our next two physical events, which complement our virtual event programme:

(Regular readers will know that both events use our ‘Mindshare’ interactive format, and involve 200 invited senior execs from the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector. More information, please contact the Event Director: tom.davies@stlpartners.com or call +44 207 247 5003.)
10th US Brainstorm chart for event agenda posts june 2010.png

The EMEA event agenda is here:

11th EMEA Brainstomrm chart for event agenda posts june 2010.png

Fuller details on objectives and outputs will be available next week. In the meantime, here are a few more details on the topics we’ll be covering:

Telco 2.0 Growth Strategies: Key business model opportunities to enhance growth, profitability and shareholder value

  • Disruptive Strategies and business models, new frameworks for business model innovation, and global best practice from telco and adjacent markets

  • Mobile Broadband Economics covering new strategies to optimise mobile broadband profitability.

  • M2M & Embedded Mobility: Horizontal vs vertical Telecoms industry platform strategies. Best global case studies.

  • Cloud computing: as an enabler of dramatic cost savings and potential new service revenues

  • Managing the ‘Co-opetition’: Facing up to Facebook, and defending the core product (voice and messaging).

  • Sweating the asset base: Case studies and use cases showing network, IT and device assets used for new sources of growth (mobile money, voice & messaging, ICT platforms).

2nd Hollywood-Telco International Summit/Digital Entertainment 2.0: New Telecoms-enabled Business Models for Film, TV and Gaming in a multi-screen, 3D/HD, mobile world.

  • Online Video: Disruptive strategies and business models, latest global market developments in five key ‘digital entertainment’ business models.

  • Defining the next TV experience: creating a differentiated online experience, fully exploiting 3-screen capabilities, and ‘content anywhere’ (digital locker).

  • Optimising International Online Distribution: new methods for content delivery, asset management, and workflow efficiency.

  • New ‘Direct-to-Consumer’ Entertainment Services: leveraging telco consumer data and reach to create new commerce and advertising platforms, and exploring the practicalities of new ‘use cases’.

  • New Devices: Impact on Consumer Entertainment; the role of the iPad, tablets, MIDs, 3D and Internet TV’s, Set Top Boxes and Media Servers on consumer engagement; how new operating systems and hardware will enable richer consumer interaction; and market scenarios, opportunities and threats in the digital entertainment market.
  • The Consumer ‘2.0’ (incorporating the Privacy 2.0 International Summit); Leveraging consumers’ ‘personal data and information’ to invigorate the digital economy.

    • Consumer Data: understanding its true economic/social value, latest output from the World Economic Forum’s ‘Re-thinking Personal Information’ project, including a draft policy and commercial framework for telcos and key stakeholders.

    • Enriching Consumer Experiences: the practicalities of leveraging consumer data to improve the quality of everyday services (Customer Management, Customer Loyalty, the impact of technologies like Augmented Reality). Realising the opportunity for telcos to take a role as ‘custodians’ of personal data and information.

    • Augmented Reality & Mobile Apps: disruptive business model opportunities at the intersection of technology, devices and consumer data; and market scenarios, opportunities and threats in B2B and B2C.

    M2M & Embedded Mobility 2.0; defining the most profitable strategic role(s) for telcos in this developing market.

    • Strategies and business models: horizontal vs vertical Telecoms industry platform strategies. Best case studies from around the world.

    • Beyond Connectivity: adding value through additional Telecoms enabling capabilities

    • Overcoming Practical Issues: device numbering limitations, SIM inventory costs, network congestion, network service differentiation for devices/apps.
    • (For more information, please email our Events Director - tom.davies@stlpartners.com - or call +44 207 247 5003.)

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