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Cloud Services: Show Me the Money (and Profits)

Cloud Services is a topic that has attracted growing interest in recent years. But what are the realistic business models for Telcos?

This post outlines our recent and new research on Cloud Services, and how we will cover the developments on this topic at the Americas Brainstorm in L.A., 27-28 Oct, and the EMEA Brainstorm in London, 8-9 Nov.

It’s also the ‘last chance to see’ the material from our first ‘Best Practice Live!’ online event, with the videos coming offline on 28th September, so please watch the ones you want to see before they’re gone. The links are marked* below or can be found here. NB. You will need to register on the first page that the embedded links take you to, or log in if you’ve already registered. If you have any problems please email us at contact@telco2.net.

AT&T, Vodafone and KPN’s Cloud Strategies

At ‘Best Practice Live!’, Vodafone told us that they are putting “everything they can” in the cloud, including Vodafone 360 and Unified Communications (sorry, video no longer available) - a strategy of using the Cloud Services in its own business as part of the learning and service development process. Joe Weinman, VP Strategy, AT&T Business Solutions described AT&T’s approach* to Cloud, and Chris Hutchin, Vice President, Oracle Communications discussed how KPN reduced from 150 billing systems to 5*.

Telco 2.0 Agenda

What is the real opportunity for Telco’s in the Cloud? While the Telco’s have a strong reputation for delivering reliable network services, the current Cloud Services market is dominated by others. Is there a real opportunity to move Cloud services beyond their current “best efforts” service level and build a new generation of Cloud Services with Telco-grade reliability, security and support? If so, what strategies should Telco’s deploy to ensure that they capture a significant share of the future profits?

Hypothesis Being Tested

• There is significant current and future demand for Telco’s to provide a set of next generation Cloud Services
• Telco’s have sufficient assets and skills to build a competitive advantage in providing these Cloud Services
• Telco’s can build upon their current network services to provide further significant benefit to their customers

Key Questions to Debate:

• Where are the majority of cloud service revenues likely to accrue: b2c or b2b services?
• Where are the gaps in Telco capabilities and who should Telco’s partner with to fill these gaps?
• What are the pitfalls that Telco’s should avoid?
• Who are the likely competitors and how can Telco’s differentiate their services?

Next Steps

This agenda on Cloud Services will be addressed on Day 1 of the Americas Brainstorm in LA, and Day 1 of the EMEA Brainstorm in London. We will also be conducting further research in this area.

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