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Mobile Advertising: Making it Scale (Eventually)

From SMS, through Smartphone and browser Apps, the potential of mobile marketing has long been understood and yet unfulfilled. So what is the current status?

This post outlines our recent and new research on telco enabled advertising and marketing.

It’s also the VERY ‘last chance to see’ the material from our first ‘Best Practice Live!’ online event, with the videos coming offline on 28th September, so please watch the ones you want to see before they’re gone. The links are marked* below or can be found here. NB. You will need to register on the first page that the embedded links take you to, or log in if you’ve already registered. If you have any problems please email us at contact@telco2.net.

At ‘Best Practice Live!’ (see all the videos here) two great innovative examples of text-based advertising were presented: Telco 2.0’s search-based use case*; and one from Charlie Hunter-Schyff, Head of Media Planning, O2 Media showing how O2 used powerful customer data*. In video advertising, Eric McCabe, Partner, Ideas & Plans showed how localised screens are to be fired up to target passing users*, while Russell Buckley, Vice President of Global Alliances, AdMob showed how smartphones provide great functionality but campaigns also need to work on the smaller screen*. Nick Wiggin, Head of Advertising Strategy & Partnerships, Ericsson, showed how structural market innovation is also underway via Ericssons’ advertising intermediary service*.

In terms of our research, in Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Operator and Market Growth Strategies 2010 we give our forecasts, plus how Telcos can make the most of the powerful assets available to them to take a valuable role in this market before it is too late. In Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Text-based Local Search Use Case, we show a practical and detailed new application of Telco 2.0 ideas to Digital Marketing, including the customer experience and outline business case. We’ve also created a new category on our research portal titled Advertising & Marketing.

We’ve also just published a really interesting and useful Guest Post from Blyk - A Message from the Advertising Industry.

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