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Mobile Internet & Broadband Economics: Telco 2.0 Agenda Focus

Our Agenda on Mobile Internet and Broadband Economics for the Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorms in the first half of 2011 covers: understanding usage trends, embedding connectivity into end-user products, and smarter, cheaper networks.

In our Future Broadband research stream, we’ll also be covering the impact of tablets on the network, and the opportunities and threats of ‘Under the Floor’ Players. This article provides more detail on our objectives, hypotheses, and planned outputs.

[NB The upcoming Executive Brainstorms are in Palo Alto - April 5-6, London - May 11-12, and Singapore - 22-23 June 2011.]

NDE bb focus chart.png

The rest of this article covers Telco 2.0 Brainstorm Objectives, Hypotheses and Key Questions, and planned research output.

Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm Objectives - Mobile Internet

The objective of the ‘Mobile Internet’ sessions at the April-June 2011 Telco 2.0 Brainstorms will be how to create new growth opportunities and sustainable business models which grow the whole mobile internet ecosystem, learning from best practice from around the world.

With the explosive growth of Smartphone penetration and usage, the ‘Mobile Internet’ is at last providing a significant new way to access and use the internet. The subsequent ‘4G’ arms-race to support the new volumes and patterns of data consumption is stimulating a new wave of investment in networks and mobile internet platforms (e.g. VZW’s, AT&T and T-Mobile’s announcements at CES).

Telco 2.0 conducts ongoing research and has published a major research report on how telcos can create New Mobile, Fixed and Wholesale Broadband Business Models. In our recent Americas and EMEA brainstorms (analysis here and here respectively), we analysed the new economics of broadband at the intersection of communications, media and entertainment / technology sectors, looking in particular at issues around the ‘Net Neutrality’ debate and innovative strategies to deliver higher capacity of mobile internet data more economically.

Key Hypotheses:

  1. Mobile Internet business models and their environments need to support evolving rapidly consumer needs and applications.
  2. They also need to stimulate and reward CSPs’/telcos’ investment and innovation.
  3. New Mobile Internet ecosystems need to be fostered that support enterprises big and small, particularly in Media and Entertainment.
  4. CSPs/telcos should employ strategies beyond just grabbing local access market share to create optimum value and returns, driving the creation of new business models.

Key questions to debate

  • What are the Trends in End-User Demand?
  • Globally, what new behaviours, applications and devices are evolving in which segments?
  • What are the consequences of these trends for those seeking to develop applications and other products and services for the mobile internet?
  • What is and will be the impact on mobile internet bearer technologies (e.g. LTE adoption), signalling etc.?
  • What are the Mobile Internet needs of Enterprises?
  • What sort of enterprises need enhanced mobile internet services?
  • What are the needs of the Media and Enterprise Sectors in particular?
  • What models of pricing, charging, or value exchange can / do work for Media and Enterprise?
  • How can telcos create sustainable and profitable Business Models based on these trends?
  • What are the latest business models that are being employed by telcos?
  • What does the telco / communications industry need to address collectively?
  • How do these developments impact the business cases for ‘4G’ and Fibre investments?
Presenters and Panellists

Short stimulus presentations x 3 (from representatives from the Communications, Media and Technology industries), followed by debate with participants using our ‘Mindshare’ interactive technology, followed by a panel discussion.

Planned Telco 2.0 Research - Mobile Internet & Broadband Economics

  • Android: Google’s Anti-Apple Virus?
  • Executive Briefing: Strategies for Managing Apple’s Impact
  • The Impact of Tablets on the Mobile Broadband Ecosystem
  • Executive Briefing: Are ‘Under-The-Floor’ Players a Threat or an Opportunity?
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