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Getting to a Billion Smartphones in 2013

We’ve just published Getting to a Billion Smartphones in 2013, a report by Telco 2.0 partners Arete Research on the prospects for the Smartphone market. The report forecasts the emergence of smartphones costing just $100 to make in 2011 and massive growth in global market sales volumes, with impacts for chip-makers, Smartphone OS, and telcos. It includes:

  • Forecasts of Smartphone shipments by region to 2015

  • Smartphone Mix and Margins

  • Getting to the $100 Smartphone in 2011

  • Share by Smartphone OS

  • Semis: Logically, More - Doubling the logic chip market

  • Memory Madness - Trippling the memory markets

  • Telcos: Dummies no More - Growth opportunities for telcos with sophisticated tiers

  • Billions and Billions - Putting the numbers in context

NB ‘Growing the Mobile Internet’ and ‘Lessons from Apple: Fostering vibrant content ecosystems’ is a key session theme at our upcoming ‘New Digital Economics’ Brainstorms (Palo Alto, 4-7 April and London, 11-13 May). Please use the links or email contact@telco2.net or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003 to find out more.

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