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Partner Event Update: 2nd Privacy Identity Innovation Conference

Following on from our work on Personal Data 2.0, and run by Telco 2.0 partners Pii, the 2nd annual Privacy Identity Innovation Conference (pii2011) is taking place on May 19-20, 2011 in Silicon Valley, the week after our EMEA event. It will provide a great way to further explore how emerging technologies and business models are impacting data creation, sharing and aggregation in the digital age.


Through a series of keynotes, roundtables, demos and workshop sessions, pii2011 will take an in-depth look at where innovation is heading in areas like mobile apps, cloud computing, geo-location and social networking, and what it means for the future of digital privacy,online identity, trust and reputation.

Sign up at http://pii2011.com and save 20% with thefollowing code: 4pda2011. For more information, contact natalie@pii2011.com or follow @TechPolicyon Twitter.

[NB At both New Digital Economics events in Palo Alto (April 7th) and London (May 13th) we are devoting a full day session on Personal Data 2.0, “Igniting the Personal Data Ecosystem”, in addition to a personal data and business transformation session in the main Telco 2.0 plenary day. There’s also more recent analysis in Personal Data 2.0: the opportunity is moving, but are telcos? and the Telco 2.0 Personal Data 2.0 research stream.]

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