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Telco 2.0 in San Francisco This Week

We’re in Palo Alto preparing for tomorrow’s New Digital Economics 2.0 Brainstorm, so this week’s news review is somewhat abridged and themed on some of the major issues we’re covering. There’s also a seasonal round-up of some the better ‘April Fools’ spoofs we picked up on last week.

As the brouhaha about the AT&T-T-Mobile merger builds up, the UK’s open-access infrastructure provider crashes and takes out half-a-dozen smaller ISPs, Skype’s central infrastructure goes down, Vodafone appeases the shareholders by selling its SFR stake, we’ll be analysing key opportunities for industry growth at the 12th Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm on the first day of our New Digital Economics event.

In our new Mobile Apps 2.0 session, we’ll be covering issues like the fight for control of Android’s future development, whether Windows Phone 7 really can take over Symbian’s market share, or whether that says more about analysts’ methodology or lack of it than it does about the market for mobile phones. We’ll wonder why the Symbian source repository just re-appeared and how anyone can expect to get away with suing all the app stores at once and what Google is up to joining the NFC Forum. And are they really making money from Android, or is it more of an anti-Apple virus?

As one of the US’s biggest online marketing companies leaks millions of records, we’ll be exploring the emerging ecosystem of Personal Data 2.0 with experts from the OpenID Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

In the Digital Entertainment 2.0 track, we’ll be covering the digital locker in detail as Amazon blows the issue wide open with its Cloud Drive product. We’ll discuss how Google and Facebook are competing and the lessons of MySpace’s decline

As Amazon Web Services creates more independent availability zones and blurs the definition of cloud computing by offering dedicated EC2 machines, we’ll also be covering the strategy implications of the cloud in depth.

And we might even have a laugh - here’s some fare from the April 1 news feeds: GMail Paper, the anticipatory web, Amazon $NAME, the Smurfs’ intellectual property lawsuit against Skype, hackers changing all the passwords that weren’t already “password” to “password”, and the definitive guide to London’s tech start-ups.

And finally, we’re glad to report that the stray sheep has been safely removed from the Telco 2.0 office.

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