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Digital Entertainment 2.0 Update: Telcos vs. Apple, YouTube, Cable; Telco CDNs; social media meets TV

Four short online videos below on: key trends in digital entertainment, opportunities for telcos and the competitive state of the connected digital entertainment industry; a presentation by BT on their Content Connect strategy; a demonstration of Virgin Media’s TiVo video service; and an industry insider’s perspective on ‘Augmented TV’ - the innovative frontier between social media and traditional TV.

NB You’ll need to register to view these videos, which are part of our recent ‘Best Practice Live! global online event. You can also join us in person to discuss more on M-Commerce 2.0 strategies in New York (5th-6th October) and London (8th-9th December). Or, to book a place at our Digital Entertainment 2.0 workshop on New Business Models for the Home Video Entertainment market in Europe - Lessons from America at our London Executive Brainstorm on 8th November, please email contact@telco2.net or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

Digital Entertainment 2.0: Telcos vs. Apple, YouTube, Cable et al

Thumbnail image for Aug 16 Keith McMahon BPL Still image.pngIn this video, Telco 2.0’s Keith McMahon describes how consumer behaviour is changing, tablets are emerging as a ‘fourth screen’, and internet, cable and other major retail players are evolving digital entertainment strategies including ‘digital lockers’ that store consumer content in the cloud. Who will be the winners and losers, and where does this leave telcos? (Register and view here)

Content Delivery: BT Wholesale’s Strategy

Aug 16 Simon Orme BPL Still image.png

Simon Orme, Strategy Director Content Services, BT Wholesale, describes current market trends and how BT has evolved its wholesale strategy and division to serve new demands from the media industry, including media and broadcast, online and TV voting, and Content Connect delivering ‘next generation content delivery’. (Register and view here)

Next Generation TV: Virgin Media’s TiVo Service

Thumbnail image for Aug 16 Alex Green BPL Still image.pngThe UK’s Virgin Media claim to have ‘re-invented TV’ with their TiVo offering which offers personalised, targeted content recommendations and highly programmable storage. A short demo video and introduction by Virgin’s Alex Green. (Register and view here)

Augmented TV Opportunity: disruption, new devices and social media

Thumbnail image for Aug 16 Anthony Rose BPL Still image.pngHere Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO of tBone, and former leading light in the development of the iPlayer and music sharing service Kazaa, describes how social media and new devices will transform TV into a seamless social experience. What are the opportunities and who are the new players? (Register and view here)

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