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Your Text is on Fire: OTT’s to burn 40% SMS revenue by 2015

New analysis on our research portal ‘Your Text is on Fire: OTT’s to burn 40% SMS revenue by 2015’ says that in four years’ time, Telco SMS revenue will decline on average by around 40% across Europe and the Middle East according to the senior execs at this month’s Telco 2.0 brainstorm in London. The main cause is competitive pressure from ‘OTT’ alternatives (Facebook, Skype, Google, BBM, etc). Mobile voice isn’t that far behind, with a 20% decline foreseen. What can be done and what is the role of RCS-e? More here.

EMEA Nov 2011 Event Report Slides v3 Messaging decline.png

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A nice analysis there. But I wonder about the smaller OTT players. This seems to focus purely on the big "disruptors" but do the small OTT players have any chance? Or is their chance basically to get bought up before they have to navigate how to make the unproven freemium business model work?


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