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Cloud 2.0: winning the next phase, and why ‘PaaS’ / ‘NaaS’ are important

Cloud Services are a valuable and growing market area in which there are opportunities to grow both Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0 business models.

Cloud PaaS growth and share chart Feb 2012.png

The chart above is from New Digital Economics Online, a free virtual event for CSPs (click here to register), and shows the potential for telcos to gain share in different parts of the Cloud market and in particular in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The following videos are now available to view online in the Cloud section of the event:

  • Cloud 2.0: winning the next phase, and why ‘PaaS’ is important. Telco 2.0’s Research Director outlines key projections for the Cloud market, market views on what telcos need to do to succeed, and the importance of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to Telco 2.0 business models.

  • Mobile Cloud and ‘Network-as-a-Service’ (NaaS). Ericsson’s CMO describes the convergence of mobility and the cloud, the new partnership with Akamai, and how telcos can open up their assets to provide a ‘Network-as-a-Service’ (NaaS) platform to developers and upstream customers

These themes will be explored further in our Silicon Valley and London Brainstorms, and in our ongoing Cloud 2.0 research programme.

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