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Big Data, Personal Data & Privacy: The Telco Opportunity

Those who follow Telco 2.0 (and come to our events) will know that we’ve been working with the World Economic Forum (WEF) on their ‘Re-thinking Personal Data’ project for the last two years, which is about how ‘personal data’ can be turned into a new class of economic asset. Here is a recent video we made recently to explain the opportunities in this space, with some more useful links below. We’ve also just published another video, Big Data: How Personal Clouds and ‘VRM’ will revolutionise Customer Relationships, by Doc Searls over on our research portal.

We are currently running a global ‘Tiger Team’ for the WEF on this topic. This is a vanguard group of global PD experts to stimulate the creation and adoption of international actionable agreements and partnerships that help fast track the implementation of the principles of the WEF’s RPD project - helping to bring about the emergence of a personal data ecosystems where people are in control of the collection, use, sharing, and monetization of their personal data.

We held our first meeting with 40 experts in San Jose on 26th March to a.) agree on a common, shared language/taxonomy/terms of reference for describing the PD space, b.) Share latest examples of important new international developments, use cases, architectures and best practice in key areas and sectors (consumer, corporate and government), c.) Agree how to ‘slice the elephant’ in terms of coordinating next step international collaboration in a few high impact areas.

WEF RPD Tiger Team meeting 26 March 2012, San Jose More photos here.

We’ll share some of the output with readers of the Telco 2.0 blog shortly. We will be running our next meeting in London to coincide with our EMEA event on 12-13 June.

In the meantime here are some useful links (videos and documents) for those interested in the topic:

General Personal Data Concepts:

Technical aspects:

Business aspects (focused on advertising):

Do contact us for more details.

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