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Digital Things 2.0: M2M Value Innovation for Telcos

As part of our ongoing Telco 2.0 research agenda we have been defining and sizing the strategic opportunities for telcos from M2M. This was a key area of focus at our recent New Digital Economics Silicon Valley event (report here for subscribers) and will be explored in detail at our upcoming Digital Things 2.0 Executive Brainstorm in London on June 13th.

Recent analysis conducted by our partner Beecham Research highlights how value is migrating from the basic connectivity element of M2M towards differing forms of service enablement. In response to this, business models based on managed connectivity are becoming increasingly common.


Business are also exploring “stewardship services” which entail the supply of consumables - such as energy or electrical content - and also services - such as energy-management or home security based on trust and a degree of devolved decision making on the part of the end-user. A parallel development is also apparent in terms of “platform innovator” strategies that allow telcos to provide businesses with the platform tools to launch new, connected services. While many of these developments are at an embryonic stage they are a crucial manifestation of innovative and commercially promising value propositions.

At the London event we will be considering the necessary next steps for telcos to become genuine platform innovators capable of supporting multiple customers in a multi-sided business model. See below for details of the speakers and topics at the London event - email us at contact@stlpartners.com to find out more or register for the event here.

Supporting the ‘Connected Business’

The evolution of new platforms and the development of the ‘Internet of Things’ will provide an array of new opportunities for telcos (see slide below). We see Connected Businesses, in particular the energy, transport and healthcare sectors, as offering some of the most significant new value areas for telcos:


At the EMEA brainstorm we will be joined by representatives from these sectors to outline their specific connectivity requirements and assess the potential opportunities for cross-sector solutions using our unique ‘Mindshare’ interactive participation format.

Stimulus speakers/panellists include:

  • Emanuel Routier, Head of M2M Competence Centre, Orange Group
  • Gilli Coston, Head of M2M, Telefonica UK
  • Marc Overton, VP Wholesale & M2M, Everything Everywhere
  • Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research
  • Kim Byberg, Head of M2M Europe, Vodafone
  • Andrew Parker, Project Marketing Director, GSMA
  • Juergen Hase, VP M2M Competence Center, Deutsche Telekom
  • Karl-Michael Henneking, CM & CSO, Mobily
  • Jon Howes, Senior Consultant, Beecham Research
  • Paul Green, Marketing Director, Arkessa

Our agenda for the session covers:

  • How are new business models for enterprise and consumer applications impacting the M2M market?
  • What is the potential role of telcos and telco assets in addressing new M2M business opportunities?
  • What are the big opportunities and challenges of vertical vs horizontal market approaches?
  • What networks and platforms will be needed to support the Internet of Things?
  • What gateways and hubs are required and what is the potential role for aggregators?
  • What could the future ecosystem look like and what industry collaboration and interoperability is required?
  • What connectivity and applications are required by the healthcare, automotive and smart grid sectors?
  • How can the telecoms industry support each vertical?
  • What is the role of service delivery platforms in supporting connected businesses?

We look forward to seeing you there, or if you’d like to contribute or participate but can’t join at this point, drop us an email at contact@stlpartners.com and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

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