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New Report - Telco 2.0: Killing Ten Misleading Myths

‘Telco 2.0’ has evolved considerably since we put forward the original concept for telcos’ future success in 2006. We’ve just published a new report on our research portal dispelling ten myths and misunderstandings that have also evolved that can misdirect strategy.

We are also about to publish a new strategy report ‘A Practical Guide to Implementing Telco 2.0’ and will be previewing findings at the invitation only Executive Brainstorms in Dubai (November 5-7, 2012), Singapore (3-5 December, 2012), Silicon Valley (19-20 March 2013), and London (23-24 April, 2013). Email contact@stlpartners.com or call +44 (0) 207 243 5003 to find out more.

The Ten Myths

As an organisation devoted to driving innovation, Telco 2.0’s thinking has continually evolved. Today, most of our work is focused on how to implement new business models, and helping industry players develop strategies and activities to address new threats and opportunities presented by adjacent players.

We have also learned that as the thinking has evolved it has spawned some myths and misconceptions. (NB. This is not an attempt to stifle insightful criticism or debate, as intelligent challenges and critiques are essential to the development of sound strategy and well informed decision making, and we welcome such challenges.)

What matters about these myths is that they can inject a misleading or distracting idea capable of derailing balanced strategic consideration. The propagandists’ favourite weapons of ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’ can easily and accidentally be triggered in this way. To counter this, here in summary are our ‘Telco 2.0 realities’ to what we’ve found to be the most prevalent and injurious misconceptions of Telco 2.0 (further details here).

Telco 2.0: Misleading Myths Vs. Realities misleading myths and reality antidotes Aug 11 2012.png
Source: STL Partners / Telco 2.0
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