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Innovation Souq! - 6 Demos in 42 Minutes

The Innovation Souq session at our Digital Arabia event is a new format in our events that we’re hoping to roll out more broadly. Each participant pitches their innovation for 7 minutes, and when all of them are done, the delegates can wander around the souq and meet them informally.

Etisalat’s demo combines mobile payments, advertising, and augmented reality. You can point a mobile device camera at products to see more detail and perhaps offers, and then pay for them using their m-payments service, while the merchant sees this on their POS terminal. The detail we liked, though, was that the AR element doesn’t have to be projected over something physical - it could also be registered against scenes in a TV broadcast, opening up a lot of new possibilities for advertising and commerce. Not just those, of course - it also creates some new possibilities for media in general.

Smartpipe wants to dig into your CDRs and generate advertising opportunities based on insights from them.

Tmob, a Vodafone-linked mobile payments startup, is using the proximity features that arrived in iOS 7 and Android 4.x to implement location-based offers and surprises. Apple call it iBeacon, and you should probably expect to see more of this.

Zangbezang is a rather impressive solution that lets you set up offers with geographical and demographic targeting and then redeem them. The transactions element of the cycle is based on QR codes and the smartphone camera, so there’s no need for either NFC or a Square-like credit card dongle as all the financial processing happens via a website. There’s quite a bit of richness to explore in the targeting and recommendations process.

NPTV is a cloud platform for producing richer, interactive video with multiple camera options, AR overlays, and the like that the viewers control. Think telemetry or the driver view camera in a F1 race, or the reverse angle camera in a football match. The rendering happens in the cloud, unloading a lot of computing demand from the user’s device or your Web servers. As usual with the cloud, there’s quite a bit of innovation in the infrastructure that’s hidden from the user, including a new chip.

Telkom Indonesia and EBay are cooperating on a mobile commerce platform for small businesses - the facts that stick with us, though, are that there are 5.7 million blogs in Indonesia and it’s the world’s second biggest userbase for Opera Mini. That’s quite a mobile Web market.

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