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Cloud Services: New Telco 2.0 Research stream iniatated; plus Cloud Services at Digital Asia 2014 speakers include; CEO Telkom Sigma, COO Telstra & Head of Cloud APAC Google

Cloud is both disrupting and generating opportunities for Enterprise and Telco businesses. With the goal of accelerating the adoption of cloud services by telecoms operators whilst building on several years of ground-breaking Telco 2.0 research, we are initiating the Cloud 2.0 Programme, a set of activities that bring together leading thinking, practice and senior practitioners from telecoms operators, technology companies, and other industry facilitators.

The programme acts as means to transform and develop operational agility and to provide external enterprise cloud propositions. Led by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (formerly Head of Cloud at Vodafone), the programme will comprise a stream of dedicated research reports, sessions at our executive brainstorms, and other networking and information sharing activities.

Future reports in this stream include

  • The role of telcos in the cloud in 2015
  • NFV: Will it live up to the hype?
  • Telstra: a telco cloud case study

    The first session at our executive brainstorm (with networking opportunities) will be held at Digital Asia 2014 (2-4 December, Bali) covering how Cloud is shifting IT from playing a supporting role to being a core driver of business success. Senior Telco and industry Cloud specialists will explain how they are using cloud to differentiate in their markets, drive operational success and agility, and how cloud computing is now disrupting the networking and security markets.

    Key themes covered in the session include:

  • How Cloud has disrupted the Enterprise
  • Virtualisation affected computing first and now the network - what this means for Enterprises and Telco’s
  • How can Telco’s differentiate with cloud?

    Stimulus speakers and panellists include:

  • Bob Brace, Senior Analyst, STL Partners
  • Judi Achmadi, CEO, Telkom Sigma
  • Nathan Bell, COO, Telstra/Telkom JV
  • Cory Franzmeier, Head of Cloud APAC, Google

    To register your interest for the focused session ‘Cloud Services’ at Digital Asia 2014 (2-4 December, Bali) please click here.

    We are also initiating coverage of a new research programme on Cloud, and we’d really appreciate your input here. here


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