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Enterprise Mobility: Digital Asia 2014

In the age of the smart device, organisations are adopting Enterprise Mobility to transform how they support and engage employees, customers and business partners.

STL Partners’ recent research, has revealed that MNOs are well placed to support their business customers’ Enterprise Mobility ambitions. MNOs have a “credibility advantage”: enterprises expect Telco’s to be able to support them. However, most operators are a long way from seizing this opportunity.

We’ll be exploring this topic further as a focused session at Digital Asia 2014 (2-4 December, Bali), the session aims to enable Enterprise Mobility strategists, planners and practitioners to brainstorm and share best practice. The session will include presentations and break-out groups focusing on:

  • What strategy and roadmap should MNOs be putting in place?
  • Which resources and organisational changes will be required?
  • What should the product portfolio look like?
  • When and how should an operator build / Buy / Partner?

    This focused Enterprise Mobility session includes Monty Hamilton (Director Digital Innovations, Telstra), presenting on how Telstra have adopted enterprise mobility solutions within Telstra to turn their operations into a more efficient organisation, leveraging digital channels and touch-points with customers.

    To register your interest for the focused session ‘Enterprise Mobility’ at Digital Asia 2014 (2-4 December, Bali) please click here. To find out more on the event please visit www.onfuture.com/Digital_Asia2014.


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