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Ericsson and STL Partners reveal Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge award winners: Telus, Zain Jordan & Telecom Italia Digital Solutions

STL Partners are pleased to announce the winners of the Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge, a competition that assesses how agile operators are across different areas of their business. The competition was independently conducted by STL Partners and sponsored by Ericsson, with operators worldwide openly invited to participate. STL and Ericsson presented the awards to the winners at TM Forum Live! in Nice.

‘Operator agility’ refers to the ability to move at faster speeds and to learn and adapt quickly to capitalize on new opportunities for improved business and operations management. The Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge winners embodied these principles, demonstrating industry-leading capabilities in core areas of competence.

The Winners
Organizational Agility: Telus

Telus are the winner in the Organizational Agility category. Telus have demonstrated that they embrace change and innovation, placing the customer at the forefront of their business. Telus adopted a Customer First initiative across the whole organization; this commitment to customers has led to both a significant increase in the ‘likelihood to recommend’ metric and a substantial reduction in customer complaints.

Organizational Agility: Establish a more agile culture and mindset, allowing you to move at faster speeds and to innovate more effectively.

Service Agility: Zain Jordan

Zain Jordan, the leading mobile operator in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is the winner in the Service Agility category. Zain Jordan prides itself on challenging existing approaches and methodologies in order to remain the leader in the competitive marketplace in which it operates. The company believes its receipt of the Service Agility Award comes as a reward for its continuous efforts to develop the capability to create products and services in a much more iterative manner, resulting in quicker launch of a much broader range of innovative products and services, with less investment and that better address customer needs.

Zain Jordan has achieved the speed and flexibility needed to differentiate itself in the marketplace through deployment of state-of-the-art, real time service enablement platforms and solutions. These are managed and operated by professional, specialized, and qualified teams, and are driving an increase in profitability and customer satisfaction. Zain Jordan’s highly skilled professionals deliver many innovative service designs each year to customers in the Kingdom. During both the product development stage and post-product launch, Zain Jordan regularly engages in testing and simulating and captures customer feedback to ensure that products better meet customer needs.

Zain Jordan seeks to constantly improve its products and services as well as shorten the length of time it takes to bring them to the market. The level of competition in Jordan is well documented, and in order to remain relevant and successful, adapting to market conditions and satisfying customers is a must. Put in a word, one has to be ‘agile’ in order to succeed and survive.

Service Agility: Develop the capability to create products and services in a much more iterative manner, resulting in products that are developed faster, with less investment and better serve customer needs.

Partnering Agility: Telecom Italia Digital Solutions

Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS) are the winner in the Partnering Agility category. TIDS have partnered effectively to deliver innovative digital services, including establishing and launching an IoT platform from scratch within 6 months. They are also developing and coordinating all the digital presence at the Expo Milan 2015. They have demonstrated that they can form beneficial partnerships in fast timescales both for TIDS and for Telecom Italia Group.

Partnering Agility: Become a more effective partner by developing the right skills to understand and assess potential partnerships and ensure that the right processes/technologies are in place to make partnering as easy as possible.

Operator Agility
The Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge follows STL Partners’ release of the “The ‘Agile Operator’: 5 Key Ways to Meet the Agility Challenge” study that was commissioned by Ericsson and based on interviews and discussions with around 30 U.S., European and Asian operator executives. The report provided insights and recommendations on key categories that define the agile operator.

Operators worldwide know that IT intelligence is essential in supporting real-time customer demands, especially as networks and systems become more complex,” said Pam Mallette, head of OSS/BSS marketing for Ericsson. “To this end, legacy systems simply cannot deliver the ‘weightless agility’ that is needed to deliver the instant gratification that subscribers crave. The winners of the Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge have demonstrated an intense focus on important agility-driven initiatives that will be key to their ongoing success. We congratulate them on this recognition.”

About the Awards
STL Partners ran the Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge during April-May 2015. The Challenge was an online benchmarking tool that allowed operators to score how ‘agile’ their organisation is across a number of key domains. The highest scoring operators within each domain were shortlisted and winners were selected based on follow-up evidencing calls.

The Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge awards are independent STL Partners awards, with the Challenge being sponsored by Ericsson. STL Partners would like to thank Ericsson for their support in this programme.

About STL Partners
STL Partners are a consulting and research firm, focusing on business model innovation in the TMT sector. STL Partners undertake consulting assignments for telecoms operators and technology companies around the globe and produce thought-leading research under the Telco 2.0 initiative.

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