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New ‘Telco 2.0’ Vision: The Telco Cloud Service Provider - New Model and Revenue Forecasts

We’ve published more major new research on our updated ‘Telco 2.0’ vision of how telcos can transform to the ‘Telco Cloud Service Provider’, and a detailed analysis of new services and revenue forecasts.

Transforming to the Telco Cloud Service Provider: Becoming a Telco Cloud Service Provider (TCSP) is a new vision for the future of telecoms operators, which promises hugely improved agility, a fundamentally new business model, new services, and new growth. What is this vision, how would it work, and how can it overcome the barriers to change that have thwarted most previous efforts? 

Translating New Capabilities into New Revenue: To date, discussions of the benefits to telcos of NFV and SDN have mainly focused on reducing operating and capital costs, while the impact on future telco revenues has been somewhat sketchy. In order to fill this gap, this report outlines a comprehensive set of potential new “telco cloud” services, and forecasts associated revenue growth. 

Both reports are part of the Telco 2.0 Executive Briefing Service.

For more information on any of our services, please email contact@telco2.net or call +44 207 247 5003.



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