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This Blog supports the 'Telco 2.0 Initiative', a new industry programme focused on helping with this thorny question: "How do we (telcos, handset manufacturers, Media companies, IT players, NEPs, etc) make money in an IP-based world?"

Our primary focus is on business model innovation, new products and services, new markets and disruptive technology.

The Blog Editorial team is made up of a group highly creative industry practitioners who've worked at the sharp end of implementing change within large organisations and growing business within small ones. In addition to the blog we run industry brainstorms and research programmes. See here for full details.

They are supported by consultants and researchers from our sister consulting company, STL Partners.

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Our tentacles reach far and are highly active. So we hope to bring you the best, quickest and most useful analysis in this blog. Please do deluge us with comments and ideas. That's what blogs are all about! Contact@stlpartners.com

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